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rage vault '1980' special last night

Hey, did anyone record rage vault last night (27/4)? I missed it, with Monday being a public holiday here, i forgot all about it. I could kick myself as that is one great '1980' playlist. Email me if you can help me out. Ratio must be in 4:3, no black bars please. Will pay for your efforts!

Re: rage vault '1980' special last night

Hi i would but mines in 16:9 so 4:3 black bars.

Re: rage vault '1980' special last night

I can do that, although any clips played in 16:9 will have the sides cut off. I'm assuming you'd like the whole thing as one big recording? I'm cutting up a recording at the moment but I can do it after that and have it uploaded in a couple of hours.

Note: This is a 16:9 recording and I'm using my editing program to crop it into 4:3. The sides will be cut off but nothing else will be removed or added. The resulting file will be .mpg - I'm assuming this is what you are after?

Edit: ugh! Better make that a few hours. It's still on my PVR and I've got some recordings scheduled until 10:30 so I can't move it until then. Oh well.

Re: rage vault '1980' special last night

And here it is in glorious, screen filling 4:3 https://drive.google.com/file/d/1MxG5CWz-j_2A4VVXmZhr7myStDIWE-QB/view?usp=sharing It is 5GB

Re: rage vault '1980' special last night


I haven't been to the Countdownmemories.com forum in a bit, but just noticed you uploaded this 1980 rage vault special. I thank you so much for this. Lots of great music from back then with videos from Paul McCartney, Squeeze, The Jam, The Tourists (with Annie Lennox and Dave Stewart), Boz Scaggs, The Beat, The Pretenders, and so many more. Again, I really appreciate you uploading this special.