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John Farnham's Vocals Always Live on Countdown

Anyone else noticed this? Whether it be solo material way back in 1980 with Help, with LRB with Down on the border and You're the Voice in Dec '86 - JF's vocals only (not the instruments) have always been live. There has been other's not mentioned also. Wonder if he had some sort of agreement in regards to this?

Re: John Farnham's Vocals Always Live on Countdown

Hey Matt,

Definitely no agreement - he just insists on it and won't perform if he has to mime.

Re: John Farnham's Vocals Always Live on Countdown

Cool, thanks for that - I never knew!

Re: John Farnham's Vocals Always Live on Countdown

Judie Tzuke sang 'Stay With Me Till Dawn' live on Countdown, too. There weren't many live vocal performances, it seems.

Re: John Farnham's Vocals Always Live on Countdown

I prefer mimming whether it was Countdown, Top Of The Pops etc.

The whole point of promoting a single or track is to promote the actual recording as you would purchase it. It was an hour long show and if you notice with John Farnham or Judie Tzuke it was much easier to sing live if you were a solo artist. To of had everyone all play live in a packed one hour program with sound guys etc just wouldn't have been of benefit.

I prefer John Farnham had not sang at all as his voice is irritating to say the least. I hated his performance of HELP on last weekends 1980 Episode. I get that many appreciate his voice but I find it too much to bare.

Judie Tzuke though I love her artistry did sound very shaky when she sang live on Countdown and you could tell that it was because of the nervousness.