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Retro Month week 2 information now on Rage website.

Dig out the shoulder pads and crimp that hair, because week two of Rage Retro Month is rewinding the clock to 1980.

First up we'll be remembering the hits that kicked off the decade with the 1980 Australian Top 10 at 10am Saturday morning. Then, for all you Countdown fanatics, Saturday night Rage will be filled to the brim with episodes from 1980.

It's going to be hours of tubular goodness as we play episodes guest-hosted by Australian Crawl's James Rayne, Ol'55's Patrick and Rockpile, and Steve Gilpin from Mi-Sex.

Week 2 of Retro Month looks like another great one, although I really hope that the Steve Gilpin episode isn't the one that Rage showed back in 2018, I can't recall Steve Gilpin hosting more than 1 episode of Countdown in 1980, but I may be wrong.

Re: Retro Month week 2 information now on Rage website.

On the assumption they are not repeating ones previously shown on Rage, the episodes still unbroadcast from 1980 are (with thanks to Armins listings!!)

226 February 10 1980 Ted Mulry (Ted Mulry Gang)
237 April 27 1980 Gil Tucker (Cop Shop actor)
240 May 18 1980 Steve Gilpin (Mi-Sex) from Brisbane *****lost episode******
241 May 25 1980 Bob Geldof (Boomtown Rats) replaced Gary Numan***lost ep***
243 June 8 1980 Darryl Cotton
245 June 22 1980 James Reyne (Australian Crawl)
247 July 6 1980 Patrick and Rockpile (Ol’ 55)
253 August 17 1980 Radio DJ’s in lead up to Xanadu
256 September 7 1980 Steve Gilpin (Mi Sex) + live bands

The 3 mentioned in the Rage spiel are certainly Ep 245 (James Reyne), 247 (Patrick & Rockpile) and 256 (Steve Gilpin) - unless they have located the missing Ep 240 of course.

Hopefully 2 more from the list above will also be added to make 5 as we got first time round with 1982.

This is very good news indeed though, I was really hoping on some 1980 shows being screened this year, and looks like that will be the case.

The James Reyne one and also the Radio DJ's one were both high on the wants list, so at least one of them is (hopefully) showing.

Re: Retro Month week 2 information now on Rage website.

I just had a look through the list of hosts for 1980, and there is an episode from September 7th, 1980 where the hosts were all the lead singers of the bands that performed live on this episode.

Mi-Sex performed in the studio in this episode, so I presume Steve Gilpin would of had a hosting role during this episode, but apart from this episode, the only other Steve Gilpin hosted Countdown was March 16th, 1980 which Rage did show back in 2018.

Re: Retro Month week 2 information now on Rage website.

Apologies to Brett (2), I forgot about the lost episode that Steve Gilpin hosted. With a bit of luck that episode has been found.

Re: Retro Month week 2 information now on Rage website.

I keep forgetting that the ABC also wiped a handful of 80's episodes :unamused:

And lol at Gil Tucker hosting countdown - for those who didn't watch Cop Shop his character was probably the dorkiest cop ever