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Countdown Top 10s & Kent Music Report Discrepancies

On my list of ALL Countdown episodes, I'm trying to fill in Number 1 hits, according to Countdown at the end of each show, mainly from 1976 to mid-1983, basically before the ARIA Charts began. I have most number one hits from mid-1979 onwards, but not as many from before that. Obviously, there are gaps because Rage have not yet played every episode, or I don't have them, or they simply got wiped by the ABC. However, it is possible to fill in many gaps because Molly Meldrum or Gavin Wood would state that a certain song was number one for so many weeks, or the song had fallen from number one, etc.

I thought I could go from the Kent Music Report. However, I have noticed discrepancies between Countdown and the Kent Music Report results I found on the 'List of number-one singles in Australia during the 1980s' according to Wikipedia. There's also a 1970s page.

Example 1: In August and September 1982, Countdown has The Other Woman by Ray Parker Junior as Number 1 for two weeks running. According to the above list, it was Number 1 for just one week, recorded on the 30th August.

Example 2: In March and April 1982, Countdown has What About Me by Moving Pictures as Number 1 for 5 weeks running. According to the Kent Music Report, it was Number 1 for 6 weeks running, from 22nd March to 26th April.

Example 3: In 1980, on Countdown, Kate Bush reached Number 1 with Babooshka. The Kent Music Report only ever had Kate reach number 2 with that song.

There are many more discrepancies, but I'm really only interested in what was Number 1 according to Countdown, not the Kent Music Report. However, I intended to use the Kent Music Report to fill in gaps. It seems that would not be an accurate way to do so.

I've also noticed that the Kent Music Report was published on Mondays, whereas Countdown went to air on Sunday, but obviously recorded before then.

Any help/knowledge on this subject would be most welcome, and hopefully assist me in my research. Thanks.

Re: Countdown Top 10s & Kent Music Report Discrepancies

Over to you Nathan...