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Which blank DVD-R's are the best?


I used to record/dub onto TDK DVD-R's in the mid-2000's but these were discontinued about 5 years ago. I've been using SONY DVD-R's since but they too have recently been discontinued.

I checked with my local JB HiFi and Officeworks and was told that they would only be stocking Verbatim DVD-R's in future. Does anyone know if these are any good? I really dislike discs with the matt non-playing side which can be printed on and Verbatim seem to only do these.

Are there any other DVD-R's available that anyone can recommend? I've been looking online and can't seem to find anything I have confidence in. I would be really keen to hear people's thoughts on this forum as I know so many of you are serious about documenting on hard format media.

Kind regards,

Re: Which blank DVD-R's are the best?

Yes verbatim are the best.the printed ones should still be available.ive always used them ,not one problem ever.

Re: Which blank DVD-R's are the best?

Hi Phil, you can still get TDK DVD-R's quite easily on ebay. I've always been a TDK user and have been getting them on ebay for 10 years now. I always get the 10 packs in jewel cases. I feel the more you buy in spindles of 25 or over you get a few dodgy discsvin the bundle. I also like them as the writing side is glossy and minimal branding on the surface.

Re: Which blank DVD-R's are the best?

You can get verbatim discs with the non printable sides as well

Re: Which blank DVD-R's are the best?

When I was using DVDs to keep my rage recordings on, I used TDK and then Verbatim. Verbatim discs are good. I had a bad batch of TDK discs in 2009 (which I didn't realise were bad until a few years later, when they stopped playing for no reason). I haven't, to date, had a bad Verbatim disc, other than DVD-RW's that eventually become un-reusable.

The 'best' recordable DVDs for archiving are supposed to be Taiyo Yuden, but they stopped making those a few years ago. They are plain discs that are silver on the label surface, with no branding. I bought six 100-disc spindles of theirs in 2015, which I haven't used up yet.

As someone else mentioned, you could try shopping for your preferred brand on eBay.

Re: Which blank DVD-R's are the best?

I use Verbatim now, think I bought them from Big W. Also used TDK, way back when I first bought a $1300 Sony RDR-GX7 DVD recorder (that didn't even have a HDD!) to transfer all my Countdowns from VHS direct to DVD. Plus - back then the TDK DVD-R's came in a jewel case and cost around $7 to $8!! I had everyone Countdown replayed on rage since 1993 to transfer and put 2 episodes per disc (recorded in SP mode). So every Countdown replayed on Rage from Jan 1993 to Jan 2004 took a fair while and a lot of expense, which at time (mid 2004), took months to accomplish and had to be done in real time, and understandably my wife was a bit bored of so much Countdown every night after work! However, all those DVD's, even though recorded on the very first old gen Sony DVD recorder, all still play fine on newer equipment - so yes TDK were good (but they were also made in Japan back then). Just make sure whatever you buy from ebay is legit, there are a lot of clever copies of so many things on ebay - for example fake Senheisser headphones, Monster cables and Oakley sunglasses.

Re: Which blank DVD-R's are the best?

I just wanted to express my gratitude to all those who responded to my query regarding DVD-R's. I hadn't visited the website again until now and didn't receive an email alert regarding the replies so wasn't aware there were any. I really appreciate the advice/comments and will now be able to make an informed choice. I was really concerned about not being able to preserve video content on a hard format so thanks again everyone.
Cheers, Phil