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Countdown Information Errors on Rage

I was enjoying watching some 1979 Countdown shows recently, and I noticed the following ...


Now, this is definitely a 1979 episode, with Roger Voudouris hosting the show, along with guests, The Knack. The day/month is correct, but someone messed up the caption's year. It got me thinking, how many other errors have people seen?

Re: Countdown Information Errors on Rage

I don't recall the text saying 1977 for this episode. Will have to check it out again. Way back in Jan '93 when Countdown repeats started on rage, they only used the month and year. They played a 'May 1985' episode, which was actually an April episode. Recently, when they did the Michael Shrimpton special back in Sept 17 and played a handful of 70s episodes they got half the episodes wrong ie they got them jumbled up amongst the ones they played.

Re: Countdown Information Errors on Rage

Soz, other way around - 'April 85' when it was actually '5 May 1985'.

Re: Countdown Information Errors on Rage

I also recall there have been a few dates incorrect over the years, but would have to go through them all to find them. For archiving purposes I have always used the link from this website with the Countdown archives, I would say most of that information is correct and a much more reliable source.

Re: Countdown Information Errors on Rage

This may not technically be a mistake, as it could be the re-aired episode that was replayed the following Saturday. But this Countdown originally aired on Sunday 17th June, 1984. But on Rage it was dated 23rd June, 1984 (which was a Saturday).



Thanks Matt. I'll keep posting them as I find them too.

Re: Countdown Information Errors on Rage

Okay, back to some Rage (Countdown) errors ...

There are two shows which have been named incorrectly. It's a straight swap really:


First of all 5th December, 1976.


This should be the show which was a Top 100 Show from 23rd January, 1977. The top 100 shows ran from 19th December to 23rd January, where the number 1 hit for 1976 was ABBA's Fernando. The 5th December show was indeed hosted by John Paul Young, as was 23rd January show (alongside Molly), which might explain the mix up.

Secondly, 23rd January, 1977.


This show was actually from 5th December, 1976, hosted by John Paul Young. It has its own top 10 at the end of the show, ending with Money Money Money by ABBA, which is also number 1 the following week in the show from 12th December Christmas Show, hosted by Daryl Braithwaite & Sherbet.

Re: Countdown Information Errors on Rage

Interesting. I recorded both these shows from Rage back in Jan '94 or Jan '95 - in the old analogue days of course, and the dates, according to my database are correct - so I am guessing they must have had the correct dates when they first re-aired these back in the mid 90's? Judging by your screen shots, I am guessing these were more recent digital broadcasts re-runs.

I haven't checked my DVD's, but this is cut and paste from my database:

5/12/1976 90 John Paul Young
12/12/1976 91 Sherbet
9/01/1977 91/4 '76 Top 100 (50-33)
16/01/1977 91/5 '76 Top 100 (32-17)
23/01/1977 91/6 '76 Top 100 (16-1)

Re: Countdown Information Errors on Rage

Yes Matt,

These are indeed the more recent re-airing of these shows. It makes it even more amazing that an error was made, after a quarter of a century of playing Countdowns on Rage. Oh well, I feel it still needs correcting.

The show numbers and air dates (according to what I've researched) for December and January (and the first week of Feb) from 1976 to 1977 are as follows:

90 05/12/76 John Paul Young - No.1 Money Money Money - ABBA
91 12/12/76 Daryl Braithwaite (Christmas Special) - No.1 Money Money Money - ABBA
- 19/12/76 Molly Meldrum - Top 100: From 100 to 84
- 26/12/76 Molly Meldrum - Top 100: From 83 to 64
- 02/01/77 Molly Meldrum - Top 100: From 63 to 51
- 09/01/77 Molly Meldrum - Top 100: From 50 to 33
- 16/01/77 JPY & Molly Meldrum - Top 100: From 32 to 17
- 23/01/77 JPY & Molly Meldrum - Top 100: From 16 to 1 – No.1 (for 1976) Fernando - ABBA
- 30/01/77 Special: Sherbet - “Around Australia in 80 Days”
92 06/02/77 Shirley Strachan

Re: Countdown Information Errors on Rage

The research you have there all seems to make perfect sense.

It is rather sad that the first two shows (19/12/76 Molly Meldrum - Top 100: From 100 to 84
- 26/12/76 Molly Meldrum - Top 100: From 83 to 64) of the Top 100 don't exist anymore :white_frowning_face: