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Re: 1976 Countdown Hosts

RetroTragic, I’ve only just read these posts after being off this forum for a while. I just wanted to say “fantastic work”, and I’m so thrilled someone loves the detail as much as I do. Also, I can now say, my early Countdown knowledge is so much better!

Cheers mate!

Re: 1976 Countdown Hosts

Thank you, vinylLOVER. It has been such a pleasure, and absolute fun, to search for this information and post them here for us all to help fill in the gaps. I thought it was important to supply the evidence from the newspapers at the time, so we are virtually certain of who hosted what. I've hit a stumbling block though, as I have exhausted all current online google searches for newspapers. My next step might have to be a visit to a large city library that contains newspapers on microfiche, and sit through endless copies of newspaper TV guides - absolute bliss for me ... ha ha.

Of course, if anyone else has access to such a library, and wants to help fill in gaps, that would be just so fantastic. Together, we will get there - every episode to air on ABC from 1974 to 1987.

Re: 1976 Countdown Hosts

Here's one for the Top 80 shows they played over summer holidays 1977/1978. I didn't realise they played them on Tuesday nights.


Re: 1976 Countdown Hosts

Another one, this one the final of the Top 80 specials ...


Re: 1976 Countdown Hosts

80 songs in 55 minutes?

Re: 1976 Countdown Hosts

The Top 80's from early 1976 started on January 6th (Tuesday night) and ran for 5 weeks. So I guess they played 20 songs per show.

Re: 1976 Countdown Hosts

The Top 80's from early 1976 started on January 6th (Tuesday night) and ran for 5 weeks. So I guess they played 20 songs per show.
Ahh, now that makes more sense. Cheers.

(and to be picky, 80 songs over 5 weeks would be 16 songs per show, which would just about cram into 55 minutes given the average length of singles back then)

Re: 1976 Countdown Hosts

Oh yeah, maths is not my strongest. :blush: With each song going for three or four minutes (about standard), that makes sense.