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Re: Question re 70's episodes

Q1 August 24th and December 30th I\'m assuming are the same episode as both are Sherbet special- just want to confirm

Q2 December 26th 1976 January 2nd 1977 and January 29th 1978 are listed on Troy\'s site but AFAIK haven\'t been shown on Rage. Do they exist only as off air recordings?


Q3 What sort of condition is the March 19th 1978 episode in? I know it\'s not suitable for broadcast but is it watchable?
The August 24 and December 30 Sherbet Specials were the same episode. They repeated it over the summer. Sherbet also hosted on August 31 and Rage have shown that episode 5 times already.

I know Dec 26 1976 exists as an insert clip format only but have not heard of the actual episode existing. They recorded Molly and JPY separately and then mixed the footage with segments of clips but as far as I am aware only the clip segments tape exists. The clips are all just partial but the interesting items are Pus$yfoot and Marcia Hines Hit Picks clips which were shown in full. I have not heard of the Jan 2 1977 (which would have been songs 63-51 in the 1976 Top 100) or Jan 29 1978 existing. If they do then that would be interesting. I would think that if they exist as complete episodes then we would have seen them by now so suspect that they may also just be clip inserts tapes as well but I have no information on those.

I was told about 10 years ago that the March 19 1978 Adelaide Festival episode is apparently in good condition visually but the sound keeps dropping out every 30 seconds or so and as it was recorded live it isn't possible to overdub a new soundtrack. It is the sound issue that has prevented it from being shown as far as I know. I would be happy to see it in whatever condition it is in and I am sure Countdown fans wouldn't mind the sound issue if they are aware that is the state of the tape. From what I am led to believe it is certainly watchable.

Thanks Armin

Makes sense. Rage would have aired them by now unless they were too degraded. But then the 1975 episode hosted by John Farnham has the issue with the Daryl Braithwaite clip.

Every Countdown fan would be ecstatic to see the Adelaide episode regardless of minor sound issues. I might request it for 2020 and see what happens