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Re: rage goes retro - One Countdown and Beatbox (Tuesday 29th January, 2019)

I *loved* me some MC Tee Vee.
Me too.

For reasons I don't understand, rage re-digitise Countdown episodes that are repeated, from the source tapes, rather than air the presumably already-digitised copy they have. It happened when the Christmas 1986 episode was repeated a couple of years back (after first airing on rage in 2009), and obviously again with this 1982 episode, as it was stretched beyond the 4:3 area, and also has the post-2011 form of rage encoding, with the larger and less-sharp rage logo and lettering.

So, if it looked worse in quality, it probably was, as the source tape would have aged another 17 years between now and when it last aired. How weird to think that almost the same amount of time (17 years) has elapsed between now and 2002, and 1982 and 2002.
Could the re-digitising possibly be due to rage retro month switching from SD to HD in 2017?

Re: rage goes retro - One Countdown and Beatbox (Tuesday 29th January, 2019)

\"Between The Teeth\" LOL! I clean had forgotten all about that show, but certainly remember the intro to it, but not much else! 1986 was it? Well there you go!Do you remember the show \"Home\" with the theme song \"Home, Home, Home is where the heart is\"? 1983 from memory. It\'s about the only show my sister and I would watch that we both liked - everything else would end up in a fight, particularly when it came to who liked the best music :smile:
I had forgotten 'Between The Teeth' too.
And remember some of the other music shows on ABC and SBS, like 'Edge Of The Wedge', 'The Noise' and 'MC Tee Vee'? And 'Max Headroom' on ABC would have music videos.

I remember 'Home', too. I'd love to see it again. It had Maxine Klibingaitis in it, who was a favourite of mine in Prisoner.
The Noise <3 <3 <3

I watched and recorded videos and performances from The Noise religiously. It was THE THE THE best program for Underground material.

I still have a Duran Duran 'Live for The Tube' concert on VHS I recorded from The Noise <3

The Noise played LOTS of performances from the AMAZING UK program The Tube.

They played so much Dance Music, Underground Gems, Funk, New Wave and later on House Music.

Annette Shun Wah was IT ! ! ! ! ! ... If only SBS could play The Noise re-runs, if they still have them. I would be in HEAVEN, HEAVEN, HEAVEN !!!!!! Annettes fabulous hair would change with each episode. The Noises best period was 1985, 1986, 1987 and 1988. Went a bit downhill after that due to music getting less original and interesting ...

Re: rage goes retro - One Countdown and Beatbox (Tuesday 29th January, 2019)

Annette was also on the SBS show "Eat Carpet" at times I believe.

Re: rage goes retro - One Countdown and Beatbox (Tuesday 29th January, 2019)

Nathan, I often think about what you were saying about how 2002 was 17 years ago & that 17 years before that was 1985. Very bizarre, as the understanding of time from 1985 to 2002 seems much longer than 2002 to 2019 seems. I guess that's just a case of time going quicker the older you get :man:

Re: rage goes retro - One Countdown and Beatbox (Tuesday 29th January, 2019)

BEATBOX June 15, 1985 (Beargarden, The Stranglers, Cathy McQuade) (ABC)

Interesting to see 'Working Class Man' by Jimmy Barnes aired so early, unless the dating is incorrect. Everything else about it does seem mid-1985 though.
He hadn't even released 'I'd Die To Be With You Tonight' until 26 August, then 'Working Class Man' on 11 November!
Brad, this stumps me as well. :thinking_face: I can only assume the record company had it down as a new release and then pulled it and went with I'd Die To Be With You Tonight instead???? But still IDTBWYT would have been a very early release if we're talking June '85. Working Class Man was shown pretty much as a new video on Countdown in Dec '85.