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New forum

I hope Jason doesn't mind me posting this here, but since he has decided to close the forum in February until retro month next year, in the interim, I have created a subforum for discussing rage/retro month on a forum site I host, called 'Private Matters' (it's a reference to a quote from Kylie Minogue in an interview a few years ago).

If you'd like to join, you can sign up here:


However, as this is a private forum (as the name suggests), you won't be able to view the forum, or any topics there, unless you are a signed in member. I first need to approve your membership.

I intend this subforum to be a place to post and discuss e.g. the rage vault playlists, other retro content (not exclusively Countdown) shown during retro month, and other retro music videos in general.

If you're not someone I have interacted with here much before, please let me know who you are when you sign up (if it's not immediately obvious from your email address), so that I know you're a genuine member and not a spambot.

PS Jason - If you change your mind, I'm happy to close this section of my forum down. I don't mean to 'steal' your forum users, but have this as an alternative/additional forum to use when yours if not online, if people want to discuss rage/retro music videos in general. You're also welcome to join my forum, if you want to.

Re: New forum

My account was not validated, I can sign in but cannot access the forum.

Re: New forum

Sorry, I mean it was not approved (it was validated).