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Rage Music Artists Specials

As much as I have loved the Music Artists Specials in recent years it is annoying when not all of their official music video clips are included. Some I can recall were Kim Wilde, Kate Ceberano, Tina Arena and last year’s Blondie/Deborah Harry Blondie 2003 replay. Most complete though it would be great if the 1993 clip I Can See Clearly From Deborah was also added. I remember the Suzi Quatro one was very disappointing due to lack of music videos too. I guess I’m being a little precious though I suspect it is annoying to a number of other viewers especially when it is a fave music artist or even song. I think it is time Rage play complete music artist Specials. What do you think? Last but not least now Joan Jett is back in the country would be nice to see a Joan Jett music special as well as Belinda Carlisle who is back next month too.

Re: Rage Music Artists Specials

I assume the reason that rage didn't air 'I Can See Clearly' in either 2003 or 2018 is because they can't locate the video. i.e. it's another one that has not yet been found in the ABC archives.

Agree with you on Kim Wilde. Though they've since aired 'Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree', which I'm not sure was even released here. That didn't air after Kim Wilde's guest programming in 2013. 'The Second Time', 'Say You Really Want Me, 'You Came', 'Love Is Holy', 'Who Do You Think You Are', 'Million Miles Away', 'In My Life', 'Kids In America 1994', 'Breakin' Away' and 'This I Swear' were missing from that one (all were released as singles in Australia). 'The Touch' unfortunately was not released as a single locally, and neither were 'Time' or 'Heart Over Mind'.

I would love for rage to do a Belinda Carlisle special. Since the playlists have been online, they have only aired 'Mad About You', 'Heaven Is a Place On Earth', 'I Get Weak', 'Circle In the Sand', and 'Summer Rain' as standalone videos.

Re: Rage Music Artists Specials

Just back on the Blondie/Deborah Harry Rage Music Special last year two other Blondie clips were left out from 1979 ‘The Hardest Part’ as well as their 2010 music video clip Mother. I guess Rage don’t always have every clip from a music artist or that their too lazy to even bother digging them out. 🤔

Re: Rage Music Artists Specials

What even s h i t s me more is when they don't play them in chronological order. I used to love the specials when you see the artist evolve from their first music video to their current - not jumping all over the years esp with the greats - Prince, David Bowie etc where the specials go for hours and hours.

Re: Rage Music Artists Specials

Another thing they did was not bother to check which songs were released as Debbie and which as Deborah. It's so easy to get these things right with a bit of effort.

Re: Rage Music Artists Specials

You need to know that rage does not have every video from every artist in their library, and that’s often the reason they don’t play them all. They can’t play what they don’t have. There could be 5 reasons:

1. They never received the clip in the first place when it was released (and never subsequently requested a copy).
2. They did have the clip once but it has since been erased, lost, disposed of (and they have never sought to get another copy)
3. They do have it in the archives somewhere, but they can’t find it (imperfect record keeping, tapes not returned to the right physical location)
4. They do have all the clips but decide to not play them all, due to programming length or other programming considerations
5. Conspiracy option: Record companies have told rage to not play every video when they do an artist special (to prevent people recording and making their own compilations, gutting the market should that artist ever release a DVD - which they no longer do anyway, it’s all on YouTube).

Having said that, it does seem to be a more common occurrence that when they have artist specials they play most but not all of the videos they have from that artist, even when they *do* have the clips. The Clouds special in 2017, for example, didn’t play Anthem or Alchemy’s Dead. When the Church had a special a few years ago, they didn’t play “Already Yesterday” but then in 2017 rage played that clip, so clearly it was in their library. I’m sure there’s more examples.

Re: Rage Music Artists Specials

I think it's more a case of they can't locate/can't be bothered to locate missing videos.

Nik Kershaw's 'The Riddle', for example, was on my playlist when I got to program an hour of rage in 2010, and I was asked to choose another video, because they couldn't find it.

But then it aired in late 2013 when Kim Wilde chose it as part of her guest programming.

I also had Sabrina's 'Sexy Girl' on my list, and they didn't air it, but it was aired in mid-2013 as part of the '50 Shades of rage' special, and again in a later Mardi Gras special.

Re: Rage Music Artists Specials

Video clean outs in the past must be partly responsible for missing clips. I think pop clips were more likely to be thrown out over an alternative music video. I also would love Belinda Carlisle to guest progrem Rage. She does regular tours of Australia and is one of my favorite pop acts of the 80s. If Kim and Cyndi can do it then my fingers are crossed that one day Belinda will also.