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Re: rage goes retro '2' - FULL 'COUNTDOWN' ARCHIVE DETAILS ON EACH EPISODE - Saturday 12th Janua

REPLY TO STEVEN:\"Yeah, the way the 87 episodes were produced was horrendous.

Not really retro for me. Gavin Wood and Molly were barely sighted. Hated the voice over they had in their place\".

I was watching the 1/3/87 episode with my wife last night, and whilst \'87 was generally an excellent year music wise and the show was (sort of) hosted by the genius David A. Stewart, plus had some first class videos like \"Hold On\" & \"We Connect\" - the voice over CDPTV thing is just horrible and mono-tone. My wife\'s comment is like \"Where\'s Gavin Wood\"?? I realise he was no longer working there by that stage, but John Peters was still writing the scripts & perhaps John Peters should have been doing the voice over\'s and intro\'s instead of that awful \"voice\". John did voice quiet a few shows in \'87, but the ones he didn\'t like the 1/3/87 show were just wrong. 1986 was a great year for Countdown, as was 1985. IMO, CDPTV probably spelt the demise of the show. I get that they were trying to \"update\" the format somewhat as they were now appealing to a new audience generation than those that were young and watching in the mid to late 70\'s through the early 80\'s. But they went so far down the wrong path it is ridiculous. The way Gavin Wood announced and back announced songs and did the intro\'s and the outro\'s was brilliant & surely was one of the highlights of the shows popularity - why change that?

Anyway.... That\'s my rant. :sunglasses:
It was like someone turned off the lights and colour at the end of 1986 and forgot to turn them back on in 1987. So dark & lifeless. The horrid voice over and Dave Stewart's(and I'm a big fan) "hosting" were the worst parts. How many were made with this exact format? Because the 1987 episodes I've seen so far didn't have that voice over and have been enjoyable. I'm one of those that is okay with the 1987 episodes but that one was terrible except for a few videos
The following week's episode, hosted by Samantha Fox, also had the same voice-over.

At least she's not filmed behind some hideous grainy blue filter like Dave Stewart was.

Re: rage goes retro '2' - FULL 'COUNTDOWN' ARCHIVE DETAILS ON EACH EPISODE - Saturday 12th Janua

Not sure what they were going for with Dave but thankfully it was a one off.

Re: rage goes retro '2' - FULL 'COUNTDOWN' ARCHIVE DETAILS ON EACH EPISODE - Saturday 12th Janua

You know the crazy thing was when i watched the new format for '87 back in the day i actually loved it, hey I was only 12. I thought it was so fresh and new and raved about it the next day at school, loved the new format of the Top 10 and Kim being No.1. But hey, i was a latecomer to Countdown watching my first proper episode in August '86. It used to be on the box in the previous 80's years when my sis watched it, so remember some early 80's stuff.

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