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Rage Selects Special - Saturday 8th December

A promising weekend of possible Vault selections. Hopefully some nice choices of rarely played gems ...

Rage Selects Special


"We're rounding out 2018 the only way Rage knows how, by digging around in the vault and playing a weekend full of the best music videos we have.

This weekend we're thrown out the rule book, and we've trawled through the archives to line up a jam-packed show full of our favourite clips. From any decade, genre or artist, this mix-bag of a special will have you dancing around your living room, crying from pure music video joy and exclaiming often of 'I remember this one'.

So make sure you join us this Saturday 8 December 2018 from 10am and again at 11:24pm for a weekend of music video perfection."

Re: Rage Selects Special - Saturday 8th December

It'd be nice if they took requests again, like they did with the Aussie 80s Special.

Re: Rage Selects Special - Saturday 8th December

I hope the playlist is good and has some (pleasant) surprises on it.

Given that rage have chosen these, I hope there are not too many commonly-aired clips.

Re: Rage Selects Special - Saturday 8th December

Playlist up.

A couple of clips that haven't aired during the digital era:

Saturday night:

TEARS FOR FEARS Sowing The Seeds Of Love (Polygram)
VARIOUS The Brits 1990 (Dance Medley) (Virgin)
49ERS Touch Me (Virgin)
SEPARATE TABLES Wrap Your Arms Around Me (CBS)

The Separate Tables clip was one I requested for the Oz 80s special last week. For those who don't know, they later became known as Girl Overboard.

Re: Rage Selects Special - Saturday 8th December

Like you say, some interesting choices ... some rarer clips. But no 60s or 70s, despite stating they will play from "any decade, genre or artist". I'm a huge fan of late 70s songs, so a little disappointed. Oh well, I must say, Rage has been pretty good lately. I enjoyed the Aussie 80s Special, especially as they asked for requests.

Re: Rage Selects Special - Saturday 8th December

I overlooked this one:

THE D-GENERATION Five In A Row (Mushroom)