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Countdown Retro Month is just 3 months away


Just three more months to wait for our favourite time of the year for classic Countdown. A pity there are only four Saturdays this time around, but still .... let's hope they stack it with great Countdown episodes.

Which episodes would you like to see?

Re: Countdown Retro Month is just 3 months away

The 2 Countdown episodes that I would really like to see in Retro Month 2019 are

September 12th, 1982 (John Farnham) only for the reason that this episode features the video clip for All Touch by Rough Trade.

December 5th, 1982 (Wendy Stapleton) again only for the reason this episode features the video clip for The Clapping Song by The Belle Stars.

I'm hoping Rage will play quite a few episodes from 1980 to 1983 which I think was the best period in music and the Countdown era.

Can't wait for January.

Re: Countdown Retro Month is just 3 months away

I've already emailed the Rage people and posted my Countdown requests on their Facebook site as I've done previously. My choices are....

21 February 1982 - Alex Smith
19 September 82 - Globos
28 November 82 - Tim Finn

22 May 1983 - no host
26 June 83 - Greedy Smith
18 September 83 - James Reyne
4 December 83 - Ross Wilson

26 February 1984 - Alex Smith
13 May 84 - Molly
15 July 84 - no host

Fingers crossed Rage play some of those as none exist in timecoded copies as far as I'm aware and have yet to be screened (plus I love that era too, so here's hoping!).

The more people request stuff the most we can get out of the once a year festival of classic music.

Re: Countdown Retro Month is just 3 months away

Here's my Countdown requests for Rage 2018 Retro season and there were:
September 29 1981 Wendy Stapleton (Wendy & The Rocketts) (standby program)
January 3 1982 Molly (Summer Special #3 New Zealand Invasion)
January 10 1982 Molly (Summer Special #4 Export bands)
28-Sep-1986 and 04-Oct-1986 Episode 528
I've still, still and still been waiting for my requests to be on Rage in ages.

Re: Countdown Retro Month is just 3 months away

Better late than never but I sent my requests to rage today. I have not requested any Countdowns this year, but 6 Rock Arenas.

Last year I didn’t get any of my requests up, whereas the 2 years prior to that I got almost all my requests up. Let’s see how we go this time...