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Olivia on Sunday Night

Please watch the real Olivia Newton-John on Sunday Night on Channel 7 at 8pm, she joined by Delta Goodrem, I don't give tabloid celbrity stories about the ONJ mini-series a f###.

Re: Olivia on Sunday Night

I programmed my set-top box to record this episode but alas, it didn't actually record.
If anyone did record it and is willing to make me a dvd copy, I would be much obliged. I'm very happy to pay for your trouble.
It seems from the promos that it was quite a moving piece and I would love to see it.


Re: Olivia on Sunday Night

The whole thing is now on youtube.

Re: Olivia on Sunday Night

Thank you for that. If anyone is willing to sell me a dvd copy of this segment, I would really appreciate it. Please get in touch if you are in a position to do this. Kind regards, Phil