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Does anyone have Goanna's "Oceania" album on CD?

It seems this album is not available for legal download anywhere, nor even illegal download :confused:

Does anyone here have it on CD? There's a few tracks I'd like from it. It would be much appreciated!

Re: Does anyone have Goanna's "Oceania" album on CD?

Afraid not. (Sorry to get your hopes up with a reply).

It's long been on my wants list. Apparently it was released on CD but I've never seen a copy for sale.

There is a site that will sell you the original vinyl album, with a CD backup with a professional looking cover and inserts, but it's quite pricey.

Re: Does anyone have Goanna's "Oceania" album on CD?

Thanks Brad, a shame you can’t help :cry:

Yes Oceania was released on CD in 1992, with different artwork, and according to discogs.com, last sold through their website in July 2017 for $77. So it is clearly quite rare.

I’ve found two vinyl rips online, one is OK but the other has the gain too high and clips (phooey... why can’t people do this properly?) but on both you can hear the clicks and pops and groove noise which I just find annoying and I’d love clean CD versions. What’s even more annoying is one of these “share” sites touted the rip as coming from CD when it clearly is not.

Which is one of the reasons I really prefer the legal download sites - quality control and obligation to comply with consumer law. The rest is the Wild West where people don’t care.

Re: Does anyone have Goanna's "Oceania" album on CD?

I would probably buy 'Oceania' for $77 if it became available again. Though I'd prefer the original cover artwork.

A bit off-topic but there's another rare eighties Aussie CD going on ebay at the moment, Australian Crawl 'Between A Rock and a Hard Place'. It too is on my wants list but it's going to go for upwards of $200 so I'm gonna sit it out this time.


Re: Does anyone have Goanna's "Oceania" album on CD?

I have a copy, disc only no artwork

Re: Does anyone have Goanna's "Oceania" album on CD?

Thanks Gedemondan, I sent you a message last night. Cheers.