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Blondie special on rage this coming weekend (2 June)

From the rage website:


One way or another we were always going to end up doing some kind of Blondie special on Rage. Well, besides that glorious time they hosted the show back in the early noughties.

So with the 40th anniversary of the band's 1978 studio album, Parallel Lines, what better way to celebrate than with a night choc-a-block full of Blondie hits!

Fronted by the charismatic Deborah Harry, the band was formed in Brooklyn, New York out of the remnants of her previous band, The Stilettos, including Blondie co-founder and guitarist Chris Klein. Embracing the genres of British Invasion rock, garage rock, disco, reggae, Latin rhythms and hip-hop, Blondie was a pioneer act in the early American new wave and punk scenes of the '70s and, coincidentally, one of the most commercially successful bands to ever emerge from that movement.

But it wasn't until the release of Parallel Lines that the group really landed on a global scale. Over the years following the album's inception, the band achieved several hit singles, including 'Heart Of Glass', 'Call Me', 'Rapture' and 'The Tide Is High', and have sold over 40 million records worldwide.

To celebrate the anniversary of the iconic album, we'll be showcasing some of our favourite music videos from Blondie on Rage this Saturday, while our pals over at Double J also have something special in store for you Thursday May 31 on The J Files.

Watch the Rage Blondie Special on Saturday June 2 from 10am and again from 11:54pm on ABC TV.

I hope they follow this up with a solo Deborah Harry special, as they did when Blondie guest programmed in 2003.

Re: Blondie special on rage this coming weekend (2 June)

Would have been better if they showed this when the band turned 40 a couple of years ago - not an album. Anyway great stuff and will be watching live and recording.

Re: Blondie special on rage this coming weekend (2 June)

Anyone listen to JJ special? What time was it on Thursday night, any good?

Re: Blondie special on rage this coming weekend (2 June)

The Double J special was on at 8pm - repeated this Sunday night.
You can also listen to the Podcast on the Double J website - expires in 10 days. Haven't listened yet but should be good.

Re: Blondie special on rage this coming weekend (2 June)


Re: Blondie special on rage this coming weekend (2 June)


Re: Blondie special on rage this coming weekend (2 June)

It’s a shame that rage only has rotoscoped film copies of those earlier clips. In The Sun, In The Flesh, X Offender, etc up to Union City Blue were all originally recorded on videotape, and I have NTSC videotape copies of those clips except for In The Sun. The difference in clarity is amazing. In comparison the rage film copies are fuzzy and laced with hairlines and splotches.

I get it that back in 1977-1980 videotape was expensive and standards conversion was also expensive, so costs were cut by converting NTSC to PAL using film and shipping that. But we now have the technology and it surely would not be hard for rage to source fresh copies from EMI USA.