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rage website makeover

Or makeunder, by the looks of it.

The playlists are now only online from the stat of 2007.

Re: rage website makeover

Indeed they have done a complete revamp. Looks like they have introduced a new content management system.

Luckily I semi-regularly download and store offline all the playlists. I have them going back to 2 Jan 1998 (i.e. the start of online playlists). My most recent pulldown was back in 2014 so I should probably do another vacuum to get my archive up to date.

I think the new look is easier to read - it was all getting a bit much with well over 100 playlist headings per page per year under the old system.

Re: rage website makeover

The pre-2000 playlists are still indexed on google when you search e.g. "(search term)". But then when you click on the search result from a pre-2007 playlist, an error page loads. The rage site is archived though on the Wayback Machine.

One good thing about the makeover is that the week night playlists are being posted, for both the ABC and ABC ME shows. For now, anyway.