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Robbie Weekes

I saw the other day that Countdown's co-creator Robbie Weekes passed away.

As with his fellow co-creator Michael Shrimpton, his contribution to Countdown and Australian music in general is to be praised.

Hopefully Rage will show some Countdown episodes as a tribute just like they did when Michael Shrimpton died in Sept 2016.

Here's a link to more on his passing.

Re: Robbie Weekes

Very sad to hear of his passing. So soon after Michael Shrimpton. I would say he holds at least the same importance as Michael, and a tribute would be most apt.

Re: Robbie Weekes

Sad news indeed, thank you for sharing this, otherwise I would not have known.

Re: Robbie Weekes

No mention of Robbie Weekes on the Rage website. No mention of Robbie Weekes on the Rage Facebook page. And no tribute to Robbie Weekes on Rage this weekend. Shame Rage ... shame!


Re: Robbie Weekes

I was surfing Youtube for Countdown related material, and whilst watching John Paul Young's "Yesterday's Hero", I noticed Robbie Weekes appears in it, shielding John from the paparazzi. Check it out: