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RIP Paul Gray

Have just heard Paul Gray has passed away. Sad.

Re: RIP Paul Gray

A huge loss. I know he was quite ill recently, but I didn't know what from. He was a fantastic musician not just with Wa Wa Nee but recorded other duets with artists. I didn't even know that he produced Bardot and Scandal'us.

Definitely a very sad day.

Re: RIP Paul Gray

I saw my chance something on facebook a few years ago that mentioned he had been diagnosed with the illness he succumbed to, so I knew he had been sick.

I spotted him in one of those Popstars shows in the studio, but from memory they just introduced him as Paul Gray without mentioning the Wa Wa Nee connection.

Re: RIP Paul Gray

54 is way too young :(

Wa Wa Nee were underrated IMO.

Re: RIP Paul Gray

Wa Wa Nee are one of my favourite Australian bands in the list of I'm Talking, Pseudo Echo, Machinations, Kids In The Kitchen, Koo De Tah, Beargarden, Real Life, Eurogliders e.t.c

Like I'm Talking, Wa Wa Nee are soooo underated because they made Funk Dance Music and not pub rock crap.

Paul was sooooo beyond talented, he was in the band for many of the 80s Package tours and played in the band for Limahl, Stacey Q e.t.c...

I got to see Wa Wa Nee live mannnnny times and talked Wa Wa Nee's music with Paul and have many photos with him etc ... so thank goodness xx

I don't know of anyone who can take the place of musical director in Australia as Paul has played on many 80s package tours with Overseas bands and I also saw him with Chaka Khan and he played Keyboards, guitar and did backing vocals for so many live shows. I always refer to Paul Gray as Australia's Prince as he was so very talented and he was so classy and always dressed beautifully. A highly intelligent man. There is no suave talented musician left in Australia now, we are left with crap!

Re: RIP Paul Gray

^ Yes, it's a shame that Australia didn't/doesn't properly appreciate its non pub-rock/bogan acts from the 80s, and that Wa Wa Nee were kind of treated as a joke, when they were obviously talented musicians.

Re: RIP Paul Gray

I wish there will be a tribute concert for Paul, who will perform? Will it be Bardot with an one-off reunion? He produced the group with Sophie Monk.