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I'm Talking album Re-release.

I found the re-issue of I'm Talking's album ''Bear Witness'' at JB Hi Fi Today.


Re: I'm Talking album Re-release.
Re: I'm Talking album Re-release.

Just gave mine a listen. Very cool. Those girls could sure belt out a tune. Dont like the fold up cardboard packs though.

Re: I'm Talking album Re-release.

It’s not in a jewel box? I agree, I don’t like CDs that only come in those cardboard fold-outs. Seems cheap and doesn’t look as good in my CD cabinet. In the early days I actually refused to buy CDs that came in cardboard fold outs and waited until they came out in a jewel box. Clouds Penny Century and James Reyne Electric Digger Dandy were two such CDs. I had to wait 6-12 months if I remember correctly.

But these days with physical CD releases becoming rarer, if something comes in a cardboard fold-out it will stay that way.

Re: I'm Talking album Re-release.

I also hate cardboard sleeves of any description.

Re: I'm Talking album Re-release.

I dont mind them for a single disc. Bit this has 2 discs and a booklet crammed in there. You can easily damage the cover trying to get a disc out

Re: I'm Talking album Re-release.

Also very similar was the 12" Australian 80's Pop CD's, except that had 3 CD's.
I have damaged the corners already, trying to put them into my CD rack.
Not Good!

Re: I'm Talking album Re-release.

Another one was Icehouse's 'Masterfile'. They were popular in the early 90's.

Re: I'm Talking album Re-release.

Yes, not a big fan of cardboard slip cases either. You have to be very careful in getting the CD's out of them and also not to damage the packaging.