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Mel And Kim News

Anyone fans Of Mel And Kim. Where Is Love an unreleased track to be released after 28yrs.

Thought fans may like to know

Re: Mel And Kim News

Thanks. Already knew about this. It's not really an 'unreleased track' though; they've just used the vocals from a (pre-Stock Aitken Waterman, or even being signed) demo cassette and added backing tracks to it through various remixes. Unfortunately, the vocals are not great (audio) quality, and, as one commented put it on another forum, sound like they were recorded in a drum at the bottom of the ocean, or in their kitchen, ha ha. To compensate, the vocals have been auto-tuned to within an inch of their life.

Re: Mel And Kim News

Okay at leas it is something 'new' from the vocal duo that lost a member way too soon, as I thought the should have been massive in the early years of the nineteen nineties.

However I am no fan of auto tune as I believe it can be grating with it's faux 1930s 'treble effects' that are too unnatural for my ears and are a bit of a 'lazy way out' for some artists and production teams. Overall that technology only truly works for something unearthly like a Japanese Vocaloid or the suchlike where that effect is to be expected.