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Rage VHS Tape #1

I've been meaning for a while to offer my VHS recordings of rage to anyone who wants them, now that I have digitised anything that I wanted to keep.

The recording quality is generally good, a little bit of ghosting but not much. The tapes are offered as-is. They are well over 20 years old, some nearly 30 years, so there may be glitches or deterioration that I don't know about.

These tapes usually consist of multiple recordings of rage segments over other previous recordings. So they are not recordings of single rage episodes and some clips are incomplete because they have been partly recorded over (I try to indicate if this is the case).

If only one person wants a given tape, I will post the tape to them and they need to cover my costs (packaging+postage). If you want it but someone has already replied saying they want it, you have to offer a bid of at least $1 more than whatever the previous bid is (which effectively starts at $0). The winning bid would be paid on top of the P&P costs.

Bidding will close in 1 weeks' time (i.e. next Sunday night).

I'll post the trackists for the first 5 tapes. If this idea is a total flop, I will likely junk my entire collection of 20+ tapes rather than type up all the tracklists. Or you can make a bid for the entire lot sight unseen.

Rage VHS Tape #1 - track list

SIMPLE MINDS special (7 Nov 1992)
SIMPLE MINDS - Chelsea Girl (incomplete)
SIMPLE MINDS - Sweatin' A Bullet (incomplete)
SIMPLE MINDS - Promised You A Miracle
SIMPLE MINDS - Glittering Prize
SIMPLE MINDS - Waterfront
SIMPLE MINDS - Speed Your Love To Me
SIMPLE MINDS - Up On The Catwalk
SIMPLE MINDS - Don't You Forget About Me
SIMPLE MINDS - All The Things She Said
SIMPLE MINDS - Alive And Kicking
SIMPLE MINDS - Sanctify Yourself
SIMPLE MINDS - Ghostdancing (live)
SIMPLE MINDS - Belfast Child
SIMPLE MINDS - Mandela Days
SIMPLE MINDS - This Is Your Land
SIMPLE MINDS - Let There Be Love
SIMPLE MINDS - See The Lights
PETER GABRIEL - The making of "Kiss That Frog"
PETER GABRIEL - Kiss That Frog
KRISTY MACCOLL - Can't Stop Killing You
HEIDI BERRI - Moon & Sun
CLUB HOY - You Promised You Said
CONCRETE BLONDE - Walking In London
R.E.M - Man On The Moon
YELLO - Rubberband Man
CICCIONE YOUTH - Addicted To Love
M B VALENTINE - To Here Knows When
THE CHURCH - Electric Lash
HUNTERS & COLLECTORS - Throw Your Arms Around Me (live)
HOODOO GURUS - Bittersweet
RATCAT - World In A Wrapper
FALLING JOYS - Breakaway
CLOUDS - Bower Of Bliss
SWIRL - The Last Unicorn
GODSTAR - Lie Down Forever
FAUVES - Caesar's Surrender
SAM PHILLIPS - Baby I Can't Please You
PETER GABRIEL - Come Talk To Me (live)

Re: Rage VHS Tape #1

I assume the clips that come after the Simple Minds special are from a later episode(s) of rage, as among them are some late '93 releases (Kiss That Frog, Can't Stop Killing You).

Re: Rage VHS Tape #1

Correct, and I have no idea when, I did not write down the recording dates.

Re: Rage VHS Tape #1

Are these tapes first generation/second generation or mixed?

Re: Rage VHS Tape #1

They are all first gen, original recordings.

Re: Rage VHS Tape #1

I'd be interested in this one.

Re: Rage VHS Tape #1

It's yours. I'll send you an email.

Re: Rage VHS Tape #1

Clip Magnet
It's yours. I'll send you an email.