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Sandii hosted show from SATURDAY? 18th Feb, 1984

Something is confusing me here. I am a stickler for making sure all my episodes are correctly dated and filed, but I cannot figure out why the first episode for 1984 originally went to air on a Saturday night (episode 403), and then the Real Life (episode 404) repeated last weekend, was first broadcast Sunday, 19th Feb - just one day later? According to the C'down archives (on this website), that was in fact the case. Confusing. Unless the date in the archives is the Saturday repeat from the previous Sunday - which would be 11/2/84? Rage repeated this episode way back in the late 90's from memory, which I still have.

Re: Sandii hosted show from SATURDAY? 18th Feb, 1984


I too when seeing the date for the Real Life episode from Feb 19th last Friday, wondered why it was just a day after the Sandii and Molly Hosted Show on the 18th.

Besides my archives, rage also listed the Sandii episode from 18th February, 1984 on the screen as well as I watched the beginning of that episode I recorded in the 90s the other day to check.

Re: Sandii hosted show from SATURDAY? 18th Feb, 1984

It must be a mistake, there wouldn't be two new episodes in a row. The Sandii hosted show likely aired on the 12/2 and then repeated on 18/2

Re: Sandii hosted show from SATURDAY? 18th Feb, 1984

I'm almost sure that the Countdown episode hosted by Sandii was aired on February 12th, 1984 because at the end of the show while they were playing the number one single for that week ('Love Is A Battlefield' by Pat Benatar) they suddenly stopped playing the video clip to announce that Elton John was getting married to Renata Blauel on the Tuesday (Valentines Day) which of course was February 14th, 1984, that's why I'm presuming that the Sandii episode was 12/02/84.

Re: Sandii hosted show from SATURDAY? 18th Feb, 1984

Very well picked up there Jason Lewis, thanks for the info. Much appreciated! I asked my wife if she can recall what date it was originally aired, but her response is that she was too concerned about what was happening on Young Talent Time to bother with Countdown......:grimacing:

Re: Sandii hosted show from SATURDAY? 18th Feb, 1984

Yeah, i also worked out it was 12/2/84 back when it aired after the announcement of Elton's wedding on the following Tuesday 14/2. Changed the date on my VHS tape back in the day too!