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Tina Turner performance sound glitch


The 2nd Countdown episode on rage goes retro 2 Hosted by Ross Wilson, with the Tina Turner performance she says a line 'I need an explanation, for there's no communication' in the first verse of the song.
When she says communication there is a sound glitch on both of my DVD Recorder's, it doesn't look like it is caused by pixelation but more so tape damage .... Can someone check to see if their DVD Recorder recording has the same sound problem.

My Foxtel copy has no sound glitch there but last year when there was that Digital recording glitch on the 1983 Maxine performance my Foxtel recording also had no problem as Foxtel is through Satellite.

So I need some of you to check your DVD Recording only of the Tina Turner performance with that line she sings ...

Re: Tina Turner performance sound glitch

That rings a bell. I haven't properly watched that episode yet, but think I sat through her performance live and thought something was up with the audio (other than it being a fraction of a second out of sync for the whole episode, where the picture is slightly ahead of the audio).