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Looking for official countdown 1986 fonts

Hay all, I'm just trying to make some personal compilation cds, and with that the time appropriate covers. Right now I'm putting together a compilation called Chart Busters 86 Vol 3. A sample of the cover I've done is here. It looks okay, as I've got a font that's pretty close, but not exactly the font they had on the countdown 86 title cards. Just wondering if anybody knows exactly what font they used.

I took fonts from the following website, but as noted, they're not quite the ones I'm looking for.

Re: Looking for official countdown 1986 fonts

cq-full-stretch looks extremely similar!!

Re: Looking for official countdown 1986 fonts

I have the 1986 Countdown Annual under COUNTDOWN ANNUALS on this website

I also still have the Book in my collection, if there is anything in there font wise you want I can scan and email to you.

Check it out