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Moody Blues tribute this Friday night

For those who don't check the Friday night playlist.

40 mins ·

We'll be paying tribute to the work of one of the greatest rock flautists of all time and accomplished multi-instrumentalist of The Moody Blues, Ray Thomas this weekend. Tune in from 11:58pm this Friday, January 12 on ABC TV.

Re: Moody Blues tribute this Friday night

Thanks Nathan,

Will be interested to see the selection of music video clips. 🙏🎶

Re: Moody Blues tribute this Friday night

The electronic TV guide said rage was due to start at 11:58pm Friday, and the playlist on the website commences just before midnight. However, has the start time at 1:52am. It's just after midnight now, and it hasn't yet started, but some basketball game is on.

:face_with_rolling_eyes: Sport always takes precedence over music/rage, it seems.

If the Moody Blues tribute does not air tonight when rage finally begins, it is, at least, repeated on Sunday night ABC.

Re: Moody Blues tribute this Friday night

The Moody Blues tribute was replayed this morning @ 1.14-2am ABC #2 as I sat up watching it. Really great for any Moody Blues fan let alone music lover. 🙏

Re: Moody Blues tribute this Friday night

It was a good tribute. To my knowledge, rage had only aired 2 of those clips before in the digital era.