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Retro Month 2018

What a fantastic start to Retro Month last night. The Countdown episodes from 80, 81 and 82 were the highlights of the night for me. Here's hoping for another 5 episodes next weekend, and for the remaining 3 weeks I'm hoping a few more Countdown episodes from 1980 to 1982 will be played plus some episodes from 1983, although I anticipate that we might be due for an influx of 1986 episodes, not saying that's a bad thing, I just prefer the early 80's period of Countdown. Lastly, it will be interesting to see if Rage are intending to play that 1982 episode of Countdown (Jo Kennedy and Ross O'Donovan) that was supposed to have been shown on the final night of Retro Month last year.

Re: Retro Month 2018

I hope some Rock Arenas get a guernsey. Maybe next week!