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Favourite Countdown episode?

With the 250+ episodes of Countdown that have been repeated on Rage since 1993, I was interested to know what everyone's favourite episode has been over that time? Mine personally would probably have to be the October 10th, 1982 episode hosted by Simple Minds, not only because I am a fan of the group, but there was just a great selection of video clips shown on that particular episode, such as Don't Go by Yazoo and Glam by Icehouse just to name a couple, overall I think 1982 was one of the best years in music.

Re: Favourite Countdown episode?

I always much preferred the early 80s period of Countdown rather than the last couple of years not to say there wasn’t some great stuff though for the most part I just found the early 80s more experimental in the way of not only music but with culture and fashion. Generally though there probably aren’t that many episodes that I did not really ever enjoy during the show’s original run during the 70s and 80s. We were really spoiled for our time in growing up. Today music is missing the edginess that it once had. 😊🙏🎉🎶

Re: Favourite Countdown episode?

I totally agree with what you have said Scott. I felt as though Countdown began to lose it's spark by 1985, and by 1987 the show was just a shadow of its former self.

Re: Favourite Countdown episode?

I have far too many favourite episodes that all span between 1980-1984

1985 had a few good episodes but it lost it's left field vibe and seemed like a whole different show.

Some of my most favourites would be:

*Carol Pope (1982) ...

*The Human League (1982) ...

*Racey (1980) with The Flying Lizards interview ...

*Ross Wilson (1981) with The Dugites performing Waiting and the interviews with Steve Strange and The Quick, Kim Wilde (1981) ...

*Culture Club (1984)

*Episode with Divine, The Takeaway's, Stephen Cummings,Liquid Engineers (1984)
Dave Mason (1981) with Pel Mel ...

Flashdance FInals (1983) - Especially for the Haysi Fantayzee performance!

*Greedy Smith (1981) with Simple Minds performing

*Ignatius Jones & Joylene Hosting (1981)


Re: Favourite Countdown episode?

Jason 'The Moderator"
I have far too many favourite episodes that all spam between 1980-1984

1985 had a few good episodes but it lost it's left field vibe and seemed like a whole different show.

Was this about the time Molly started appearing mainly via satellite, and when there was less, if any, focus on studio performances? And hosts that mainly presented videos rather than performing too?

Re: Favourite Countdown episode?

Less studio acts started in 1983 but the show still had a glorious vibe and lots of interviews from Molly in London and some stand out shows like the Flashdance Finals, Laura Branigan, Melissa Manchester and Michael Sambello in the studio. 1984 was back to the packed with studio performances like 1980, 1981 and 1982.

1985, Molly was a way more and though there were still performances on the show, they were far in between to what was

Re: Favourite Countdown episode?

For me, the best era of Countdown was from 1980 - 84, a golden period. I would have put some 70's shows on there but there aren't that many around sadly. But 1979 was a great year from what's left.

After 85 the show lost something for me - it seemed a show going through the motions and the 86/87 years were poor.

I've heard a lot about people wanting the ABC to bring back Countdown for today's era but such a show wouldn't work - it was a show of its era and time. It was a wonderful era I'll always cherish but having said that, a new version simply wouldn't be the same - as Countdown Revolution proved only a few years after the original ended. I would be more excited if more missing episodes were discovered and would give anything for that to happen - I always live in hope.

Re: Favourite Countdown episode?

I can't point at a favourite episode either, but that whole 79-84 era is great to me. The shows from that time I either enjoy watching, or *thoroughly* enjoy watching.
Not only was technology opening up huge new scope for creativity in music, but it was not yet the era of music video dominance either. Not that I have anything against music videos, but I feel like in its latter years, Countdown focused more on playing entire videos, which doesn't have the same nostalgia value to me. (I adore Countdown, but never have I longed to watch an old episode of Video Hits!) I'm good with seeing just snippets of videos, such as the Chartbusters, and then all the random chat of Humdrum and the studio guests.
The "live" performances can be pretty cringeworthy when they're badly mimed and so obviously not being played live, but it doesn't stop me from still enjoying a lot of them. eg. it was cool seeing "Walking on the Moon" again. The show put some effort into that one.

Re: Favourite Countdown episode?

Way too many for me too. I pretty much love all the eras as I love both 70's and 80's music. And I LOVE 1985 episodes. To me they are pure unadulterated 80's. Right in the middle by which time most of the lingering 70's artists have died off. 1986 is where it started to become sterile although I still enjoy those episodes. 1987 was the big drop off.

Re: Favourite Countdown episode?

I have 4 episodes that stand out for me and in order:

1. 28/3/82 - Hosted by Elton and Molly. It has three studio performances off Elton's 'Jump Up' album, studio performance of 'Running Away' by Jon Stevens, 'Walking into Mirrors' by Johnny Warman. I love that video and song (wish i came up with the concept of the video and directed it), Altered Images, the Top 10, Moving Picures beinv No.1, Elton's birthday cake all over Molly and Elton raving about some of our Aussie artists. So good i burnt the episode onto CD after it aired on rage and listened to it in the car. :grinning:

2. 10/!0/1982 - Hosted by Simple Minds. Amazing episode and Countdown came back with a bang after a couple of weeks off due to the Commonwealth Games. Best Chartbusters. Fjrst time i saw Frida's 'I Know There's Something Going On' and the full vid for and first time i saw 'Glittering Prize' yes before i had the internet and YouTube!

3. 25/9/1983 - Pat Wilson hosting with Molly (I have this on timecode). A great time to be proud of Aussie music when 'Bop Girl', 'Rain' and 'Australiana' were all in the Top 5, footage of The America's Cup, first studio performance of 'Bop Girl' with Molly and the aerobics dancers, vid for Bowie's ' Modern Girl' as a new release and he was in Australia touring.

4. 12/12/1982 Hosted by Joan Jett and the Blackhearts. Another ep with a studio performance and full of high energy. Heaps of vids that would be hits in 1983. Joan was huge back then.

Re: Favourite Countdown episode?

Absolutely, 1982 is one of the best years in music. For me I think 1981 has a slight edge over '82. But then again, 1989/1990 are also high on my list of favourite years!

Re: Favourite Countdown episode?

Agree with a fair few of your fave's Jase, except Ignatious and Joylene gross me out. Don't like them at all.

Re: Favourite Countdown episode?

1982 is a contender for best year for music ever, not just the 80's. What began in 1976 peaked in 1982.

Re: Favourite Countdown episode?

too many to choose,but eps from '75-'82 are most watched.

Re: Favourite Countdown episode?

I have to say anything in the 70s....especially those featuring Sherbet Hush AcDC classic stuff love it :heart_eyes:

Re: Favourite Countdown episode?

70's... 80's... I like it both ways

Re: Favourite Countdown episode?

It's certainly not about agreeing, I listed the Countdown episodes I love, simple.

I ADORE Ignatius Jones and Joylene, they injected creativity and campness in a Post Punk manner into what was a bogan Australian society of the music scene. Look at Jimmy & The Boys compared to Australian Crawl and Cold Chisel.

Thank F U C K for their q u e e r n e s s <3 xxxxxxxx

Re: Favourite Countdown episode?

Don't mind Iggy but that song wasn't too great. I do like "They Won't Let My Girl Friend Talk To Me". An 80's fave

Re: Favourite Countdown episode?

Yes that and I'm not like everybody else are listenable.