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Rage playlists have their usual start-of-year crash

Every year when the calendar ticks over, the rage playlists cark it and you get [an error occurred while processing this directive] message, because it can't cope with the new year number. It usually takes them a week or so to fix it up. You'd think they'd have found an automatic way of dealing with this by now, the fact that there is a new year is rather predictable and implementable in code.

So in the absence of the online playlists, can someone who is on Facebook or whatever post this week's retro playlists once they are put up? Thanks.

Re: Rage playlists have their usual start-of-year crash

They're so hopeless with this stuff, and it seems to get worse every year. e.g. the rage app with specific start times going by the wayside, the lack of playlists for Saturday night last weekend and New Year's Eve (though they're there now, after the shows have aired). Granted, most of the problems are beyond the rage staff's control, I assume... other than not posting the playlists at all (not even on facebook).

In keeping with tradition, I wonder if there will be any repeated or incorrectly-dated Countdown (or other show) episodes this month. Not that I mind occasional repeats as much as some other people do - if they're shows I haven't got recordings of myself.