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SONG FROM 1986-87

Hi, Been trying to find a song for years that I'm sure was on Countdown. But alas I can't seem to find it or even Google gives zero.
The song is if I recall 'Passion'. Although it could have been 'Sometimes Passion'. It was around 1987 and I remember I was at school so was defiantly no later. It may have been an Australian band too.
Any clues? Regards Matt

Re: SONG FROM 1986-87


Nothing from 1987 springs to mind, but could it be a bit later?
'Passion' by Bang The Drum fits the "sometimes passion" lyric and is Aussie. It wasn't on during the Countdown years but was a top 50 hit in 1990.

There's one on youtube.

Re: SONG FROM 1986-87

Thats it!!!!!!!!!!! Been trying to find it for years..... I was a bit early obviously! Cheers thats awesome.

Re: SONG FROM 1986-87

They probably performed it on Countdown Revolution. It also features on the 1990 compilation 'Hot or Wot'.

Re: SONG FROM 1986-87

'Only You' is just as good.

Re: SONG FROM 1986-87

Stay Forever, the third single is great as well. Infact, I have the CD and I highly rate it!!