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Countdown Live on ABC New Years Eve

This New Year’s Eve the ABC, the Sydney Opera House and the City of Sydney will be presenting Countdown Live NYE 2017; a concert celebrating the songs of Countdown performed by many of our most loved artists.

Jimmy Barnes, Phil Jamieson, Marcia Hines, Kate Ceberano, Casey Donovan, Montaigne, plus many more will provide the soundtrack to the nation’s New Year’s Eve party broadcast via ABC TV, Radio, iview and social as we sing our way up to the midnight fireworks.

ABC has a competition in which people can win double passes to Countdown Live on New Years Eve.

More information -

Re: Countdown Live on ABC New Years Eve

Personally, I'd rather rage. I guess rage probably will still air on NYE after this, though its start will probably be later than usual.

Re: Countdown Live on ABC New Years Eve

I read in an article on the TV Tonight blog that Molly Meldrum will be introducing Countdown Live on NYE, which should be an interesting highlight of the night. I remember coming up with the idea for New Years rage many years ago back when rage had message boards. I said it would be better than being stuck with the option of having to watch Richard Wilkins bring in the New Year again. :D The only issue with NYE rage is that they program obscure indie videos in the mix when it should just be a celebration of past hits. It does not match the demographic of people who would be tuning into New Years rage and it would make people turn off or switch channels. In previous years, there have been other music shows on New Years, such as The Loop on Ten/Eleven and Volumz on NITV, though rage would have to be the pick of the bunch. I hope rage can just stick to playing past hits and not go off track by including obscure indie tracks in the mix.