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1974 Countdown. How many episodes? When did they air?

Whilst watching Classic Countdown, I've been trying to sort out all the Countdown episodes according to airing dates. I'm currently researching 1974 newspapers for TV guides to match them up with episodes. It's annoying because it simply says 'Countdown' in the description, and no guest host information. Anyway, I'm not sure if there were six or seven episodes in that first year of 1974. This is the show information I currently have:

Host – Grant Goldman
Host – Ric Melbourne
Host – John O’Donnell
Host – John Farnham & Suzi Quatro
Host – Shirley Strachan
Host – Daryl Braithwaite

As I said, I'm not sure about airing dates. I have the Suzi Quatro/John Farnham episode as being on the 13th December. However, the TV guide suggests that's not possible, as the Test cricket was on that day, and the guide does not have Countdown airing.

The Ashes Test series for 1974 were as follows:

Brisbane Test - 29th November to 4th December
Perth Test - 13th December to 17th December
Melbourne Test - 26th December to 31st December

So Countdown, as the guides suggest, were not shown on these dates - 29th Nov and 13th Dec. Although the 2nd day of the 3rd Test Match was on 27th Dec, Countdown was still aired. Which means, according to the information I have researched, the shows were most probably aired on the following dates:

November 8
November 15
November 22
December 6
December 20
December 27

Six shows? Is that right? What do you think? If anyone has further information, I look forward to discussing it.

I would like to post the TV guide scans I have, but I'm not sure how to do it. I'll try to work it out.

Re: 1974 Countdown. How many episodes? When did they air?

Okay, I've been researching more today, and I believe I have it right. I have managed to dig up TV guides from all the Fridays from November 8th to December 27th, 1974. Only one Friday was affected by the Test cricket highlights, that was 13th December. Which means there were SEVEN episodes in 1974. This makes sense, because I have the first show of 1975 as the eighth show of Countdown.

08/11/74 Host – Grant Goldman
15/11/74 Host - Richard Combe
22/11/74 Host – Ric Melbourne
29/11/74 Host – John O’Donnell
06/12/74 Host – Ivan Walker
13/12/74 [The Ashes Test Series Highlights]
20/12/74 Host – Shirley Strachan
27/12/74 Host – Daryl Braithwaite

The most recent TV guides I found have the name of the host, plus the performers, which really helped me out. The first five shows were all hosted by radio disc jockeys. Okay, now to have a go at 1975-1979 ... fill in some of those gaps.

I hope you guys find this helpful. Feel free to help out with shows from 1975 onwards.

Re: 1974 Countdown. How many episodes? When did they air?

The Classic Countdown from 1975 (I'm re-watching it) is saying that the first show for 1975 was broadcast at midnight on 1st March, and is classified as the 9TH Show. Where is show number 8?

Re: 1974 Countdown. How many episodes? When did they air?

There were 8 Countdowns shown in 1974. They were all broadcast in colour as part of the colour broadcast trials even though colour broadcasting did not become official until midnight of March 1 1975. In the below broadcasts you will see a (C) symbol mentioned next to some of the entries indicating colour transmission.

The 1st 6 episodes were 25min each and the final 2 were 55min episodes when Doctor Who ceased being shown.

The mystery of the Dec 13 episode (hosted by Johnny Farnham with Suzi Quatro), which wasn't shown on that date due to the 1st day of the 2nd Test in the Ashes series is that it was deferred to a later time and was eventually broadcast at 6:30pm Thursday Dec 19 when it replaced the Bobby Goldsboro Show.

The Age was very good for listing episode information in the Green Guide on Thursdays - the following are available online:
 photo Countdown The Age 1974_zps5zzxj1fl.png

The Melbourne Herald, being an evening paper would have some late changes recorded, which included the Dec 13 episode being shown on Dec 19 which was not in the Green Guide as it is pre-prepared and didn't list the late change to programming.
 photo Countdown Nov 1974 The Herald_zpsulg0pycd.png
 photo Countdown Dec 1974 The Herald_zpsz4n8fphs.png

Therefore the 1st episode shown at midnight March 1 1975 (and repeated later that day) was No.9.

Re: 1974 Countdown. How many episodes? When did they air?

It would be interesting if someone, very much against the odds, had them all taped or in the event of an absolute miracle a stray master tape turned up as "1974" and "Colour Countdown" are two words that have hither-to not been mentioned in the same sentance too often or are widely known about. In the case of off-air tapes there might be a possibility of some colour recovery using some of the latest chroma dot recovery techniques pioneered in the UK.

Re: 1974 Countdown. How many episodes? When did they air?

Thank you once again, Armin. You are certainly helping me immensely with fixing up my episode list. I found a whole bunch of The Age and Melbourne Herald TV times, but not all of them, like you have posted.

Now, I have another dilemma ... 1985. On last week's Classic Countdown they, once again, helped me out with episode numbers. However, my list has a gap. Check this out ...

460 - 28/04/85 Host – Molly Meldrum - We Are The World – USA For Africa
461 - 05/05/85 Host – Freddie Mercury - We Are The World – USA For Africa
462 - 12/05/85 Host – Nick Kershaw - We Are The World – USA For Africa
??? - 19/05/85 Host – The Sweet - We Are The World – USA For Africa
- 25/05/85 Host – Greedy Smith - “Countdown Music & Video Awards”
??? - 26/05/85 Host – Meatloaf - We Are The World – USA For Africa
??? - 02/06/85 Host – Brian Mannix - We Are The World – USA For Africa
??? - 09/06/85 Host – Paul Young - Would I Lie To You – Eurythmics
??? - 16/06/85 Host – Molly Meldrum - Would I Lie To You – Eurythmics
??? - 23/06/85 Host - Sting - Angel/Into The Groove - Madonna
??? - 30/06/85 Host – David Lee Roth - Angel/Into The Groove - Madonna
??? - 07/07/85 Host – Angry Anderson - Angel/Into The Groove - Madonna
??? - 14/07/85 Host – Molly Meldrum - Angel/Into The Groove - Madonna
??? - 21/07/85 Host – Hoodoo Gurus - Crazy For You - Madonna
??? - 28/07/85 Host – Molly Meldrum - Crazy For You - Madonna
473 04/08/85 Host – Tears For Fears - Crazy For You - Madonna
474 11/08/85 Host – Howard Jones - Crazy For You - Madonna
475 18/08/85 Host – The Style Council - We Don’t Need Another Hero – Tina Turner

Now, I realise that the Countdown Music Awards show is not counted as an episode number. But that leaves me with one too many shows between the Nick Kershaw show and the Tears For Fears show.

Also, I have this problem ...

482 - 06/10/85 Host – Molly Meldrum - Dancing In The Street – David Bowie/Mick Jagger
483 - 13/10/85 Host – Lyn Buckfield - Dancing In The Street – David Bowie/Mick Jagger
484 - 20/10/85 Host – A-Ha - I Got You Babe – UB40 & Chrissie Hyde
??? - 27/10/85 Host – Kids In The Kitchen - I Got You Babe – UB40 & Chrissie Hynde
??? - 03/11/85 Host – Bob Geldof - I Got You Babe – UB40 & Chrissie Hynde
??? - 10/11/85 Host – Koo De Tah - Take On Me – A-Ha
??? - 17/11/85 Host - ??? - Take On Me – A-Ha
??? - 23/11/85 Host – Eurogliders - Take On Me – A-Ha
??? - 24/11/85 Host – Brian Canham - The Power Of Love – Jennifer Rush
??? - 01/11/85 Host – Midge Ure - Brothers In Arms – Dire Straits
491 08/12/85 Host – Grace Jones - The Power Of Love – Jennifer Rush
492 15/12/85 Host – Neil - Species Deceases – Midnight Oil
493 22/12/85 Host – Tina Turner (Xmas Special) - Species Deceases – Midnight Oil

Now, there is one too many shows here too. Is it the 17/11/85 show? Unknown host?

Where have I gone wrong?

Re: 1974 Countdown. How many episodes? When did they air?

The Sweet hosted Ep 509 May 18 1986. That was the only episode they ever hosted so you just have that in the wrong year.

May 19 1985 was the Countdown Awards (replayed May 25) and May 26 was Ep 463 with Meatloaf.

Eurogliders hosted Ep 488 November 17 1985 with the replay on November 23. For some reason you have both listed which gives you an extra episode.

Re: 1974 Countdown. How many episodes? When did they air?

Thanks Armin, that sorts out my dilemma. I knew there was something not quite right. Much appreciated.