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Information from wiped episodes

Recently I was contacted by a guy from WA - Mark - who was compiling information about what was shown on lost episodes of Countdown. This reminded me of someone once mentioning on this site many years ago that information existed about the first 100 episodes but I never saw that info.

Troy has got lists of episode information for the first 20 episodes (Nov 8 1974 - May 18 1975) on his site but it gets a bit sporadic after that.

Mark asked if I could check some information in the Victorian State Library as episode information often appeared in The Age and The Herald. When I went there I found it was also in the Sunday Press.

Although these episodes have been wiped it is still interesting to know what sort of things were being shown.

Here is The Sunday Press episode information for Episode 21, May 25 1975 for which Troy has nothing on his site although he hasn't updated it for about 6 years.

 photo Countdown ep 21_zps5myoimm2.png

It might be worth compiling all the information.

Some weeks there would be no information in one paper but the other would have some, or the information might appear on the Saturday repeat show. Some weeks there was nothing in any of the papers and it might have been that the ABC didn't pass it on every week.

Re: Information from wiped episodes

Although I'm not so interested in 70s Countdowns, this is great research Armin! Reminds me of spending a couple of afternoons in the Vic State Library in 2005-6 photocopying all the ARIA top 100 charts they had from the 90s.