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The Meldrum Tapes - Sting 1986 Full Episode

Hi, I'm hoping you can help me here. I am searching for the full episode of The Meldrum Tapes with Sting from mid-1986. I had the full episode many years ago, which was not great quality but it was excellent regarding Molly's in-depth interview with Sting, plus rare promo videos which they played in FULL during the long interview. Does anybody have a high quality recording of it on there hard drive or DVD? I am willing to pay and cover all costs for my private viewing. I would love to see it again in full after 20+ years. There is a clip on YouTube, but just the highlights. Also the Countdown episode aired with the Police in March 1984? Molly interviews the band members before and after the Police's last ever gig at the Melbourne Showgrounds on March 4, 1984. Again, my original copy was awful Best, Craig