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Classic Countdown Extras

Dragon's Countdown performance for Sunshine was played yesterday at 6pm from 1977 which was a stunning performance. Utterly superb, lucky I tuned in. Wonder what else Classic Countdown Extra's will feature.

Re: Classic Countdown Extras

This week it was Dragon - Sunshine

Previously they had played

Oct 5 Skyhooks - All My Friends Are Getting Married

12th Oct they played be playing AC/DC - Baby Please Don't Go.

Oct 14th they played 1977 Van Halen interview in full prior to Rage starting

On the 19th they played Sherbet - Howzat

Spoiler alert...
Nov 2 will be the full 1977 interview with Stevie Nicks

Nov 9 will be Split Enz - My Mistake live on Countdown

Re: Classic Countdown Extras

Okay, so I haven't really missed much.

Glad I got to record Dragon yesterday <3

Split Enz will be brilliant x

Re: Classic Countdown Extras

Dragon "Sunshine" first got an airing back in 2009 during Australian music month - the Saturday night devoted to the 70s which was a great playlist. We put in some requests to the ABC at the time and we also got the other rare Countdown performance of Taste "Rebecca" the same night. Wonderful stuff and more from those neglected segment tapes!!

Re: Classic Countdown Extras

They will certainly be worth taping - Split Enz "My Mistake" is another orphan - there is a VH1 copy which has too many intrusive graphics and logos. Rarely gets played on the ABC for some reason - usually they only play the promo clip