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Countdown 1976 Special

Well I told everyone the revived 13 part "Countdown" series on Sunday nights at 600 would be rubbish - not so - I will have to take back what I said and unreservedly apologise to the ABC - they have actually done a good job with both 1975 last week and now 1976 tonight - so credit where it is due.

At last someone has dug out all those unseen film inserts, interviews etc plus the segment tapes- and actually given them an airing - how good to see some of those. And even an unseen orphan performance of Pusyfoot "Oh Ja Ja" from the wiped show she hosted early in 1977. Yes, a shocker but so camp it is almost worth seeing again - not to mention the rarely-seen Mark Holden "Wanna Make You My Lady" where the over-enthusiastic girls drag him off the stage - classic Countdown stuff.

Considering only 2 episodes from the entire year of 76 survive, and I will even forgive a few more errors in factual information posted again (and I am not a fan of endless captions during clips either), overall I can admit I was wrong - ABC you have done a good job. The choice of material has been very good. I hope the rest of the series lives up to these standards.

Re: Countdown 1976 Special

I've been enjoying the new specials more than I expected.

While there have been the usual common clips, its the ones from the segment tapes and filmed inserts that are absolute gold.

The *****foot performance was gloriously camp, loved it. That type of thing is what makes the Classic Countdowns great so far. I know Marc Hunter appeared on the same show as *****foot as there is a photo of her and Marc filming the same show.

The Shaun Cassidy performance is from show 101 - dated 9 April 1977. At the end of the 100th episode special it was announced Cassidy was hosting the next show. Also I know on the 7 February 1982'Studio 31' show there is more of Cassidy singing Do Run Run, plus a bit of him hosting. Good on him for not miming either - didn't happen too often in that era.

I'm really hoping the 1977 Classic Countdown has a bit of Blondie hosting the show - something from the segment tapes hopefully.

It's great seeing so many filmed inserts too - the Noosha Fox clip is great and I think Rage should show several of these clips during January. They obviously exist and have now been digitized for these specials so wouldn't be too difficult to hunt down.

I think when we get to the 80's era there will be a lot more to show - the makers behind these specials have done well so far to mask how little of the 70s era they have - especially the 1976 year. I wonder whether it would have been better to split the 80s era into 2 episodes for each year as there will be a lot to cover - or maybe they might do more specials next year?

It would be great if this led to the ABC having a dedicated slot for showing whole episodes each week for Countdowns but we'll see.

Overall I'm happy with the specials so far and have been impressed with the quality of the presentation.

Re: Countdown 1976 Special

I haven't watched all of last night's show yet (I'm generally more interested in 80s Countdown), but caught the Pu$$yfoot performance, which was a nice surprise. that the name is censored here.

Re: Countdown 1976 Special

I've really enjoyed the two eps I've seen so far...a real trip down memory lane.

Yeah, the segment tapes and inserts are fantastic, with some footage I can't remember ever seeing since the original episodes aired way back then.
Pretty well put together.

Really sad to know so many of those featured have since died -Shirl, Marc Hunter, Ted Mulry, Bon, Harvey James, William Shakespeare...the list is long.

Yes, also hope to see a bit of early Blondie hosting Countdown.

Re: Countdown 1976 Special

Hi - has anyone recorded the first 3 episodes of classic Countdown, that is 1975, 1976 and 1977? No-one kept records of anything in the 70’s for some reason so my early life remains invisible. Just a period when no-one cared I suppose, and even this is not available to buy. My friend is not well but would like to celebrate her birthday with some reminiscing, and I thought it would be great to watch these together, but now I have to just hope they’ll still be on iview on 1 December and available to us wherever we happen to be. It’s a huge pity they can’t be purchased - no doubt for commercial reasons. So if anyone can help out, I’d be grateful and happy to cover costs of course.

Re: Countdown 1976 Special


I have recorded the first 3 episodes of Classic Countdown.

Email me at romoelectric@hotmail.com

Re: Countdown 1976 Special

I just noticed that they are also playing a single stand alone Countdown clip on Thursday nights at 6pm in a 5min segment.

Tonight they played Skyhooks - All My Friends Are Getting Married

Next Thursday 12th Oct they will be playing AC/DC - Baby Please Don't Go.

On the 19th they will play Sherbet - Howzat

Not sure what they played on the first 2 weeks as I hadn't realised it was on.

Something to keep an eye out for just in case they show a lost gem in an unadvertised slot.

Re: Countdown 1976 Special

TV1 (which is now TV Hits and is absolutely ****) on Foxtel used to do the same thing in the early 2000's. Throw in a random Countdown performance in their schedule.

Re: Countdown 1976 Special

More rarities on the 1977 special as well - that Lindsay Bjerre studio insert from a wiped episode is the first time that has aired since transmission as well. Wonderful stuff. I am thinking that 1978 will also throw up some more rare orphans.

Re: Countdown 1976 Special

Although not a big Van Halen fan, I noticed they showed the full 1978 interview prior to Rage starting last week. The 1978 episode only had edited segments of that. Not sure if they have shown that before.

Re: Countdown 1976 Special

That Van Halen interview is being replayed tonight @ 6pm as part of Countdown Extras ABC #2.

Re: Countdown 1976 Special

Hey Jason. I sent you an email regarding a copy of the 1976 tape :)

Re: Countdown 1976 Special

I have been looking for such a long time for Shaun Cassidy on Countdown. I assumed the clips didnt exist anymore. I did a doubletake when they played thats Rock n roll. However he also performed Hy there lonely girl the same night. The girls in the audience were trying to pull him into the audience. Classic countdown stuff. That is the clip i have desperately searching for everywhere!! Could that still exist since they have Thats rock n roll????

Re: Countdown 1976 Special

I do have that performance Leanne and I will chase it up when I get back up home by the weekend. Leave it with me

Re: Countdown 1976 Special

Hi Brett

Would be really good if you can upload the Shaun Cassidy - Hey there lonely girl Countdown clip on to YouTube. I am sure lots of Cassidy fans would be really appreciate.

Re: Countdown 1976 Special

Omg Brett that would be amazing. Thank you!!!!!

Re: Countdown 1976 Special

I actually remember watching the episode when first telecast and I thought it was in 1977...
Shaun was singing Hey There Lonely Girl near a lamp post on stage Countdown studio or something like that.... ahhh my youth.....David was the one Cassidy I fancied....:heart_eyes:
oh and I also remember a tv special they played in 1978/79 featuring Goldie Hawn and Shaun was a guest on it...
He looks so much like his famous mum Shirley ...

Re: Countdown 1976 Special

Hey Brett,

did you end up finding the Shaun Cassidy clip of Hey there lonely girl from countdown?

Re: Countdown 1976 Special

I always thought it was 1977 as well. I remember that year very well because a few significant things happened in my life and i remember that it was 1977 when Thats rock n roll and Hey there lonely girl were playing and it was that year. But when i saw Countdown had the clip on the 1976 classic countdown i was very confused. I think the producers of that particular episode got it wrong. Unless Shaun Cassidy came out here twice but i do remember Thats Rock n Roll coming out as a single in Australia in 1977. I remember where i was when i first saw the clip of that on Countdown. Anyway all good. I just want the Hey there lonely girl clip lol. You have a great memory :)