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Ultravox/Midge Ure Aussie TV appearances

Hi, my name is Javier and I am from Spain (sorry for my English but it's not my mother tongue).
I'm a great Ultravox/Midge Ure fan and I'm trying to archive as many of their TV performances and interviews as possible. I am looking for all Australian TV appearances. Is there any show or appearance that I do not have?. Your help is greatly appreciated.

I have only this one 1981.04.26 Countdown [rage goes retro 2015.01.03] but I would like to get the rest of the programs. If someone is interested in trade I have lots of 70's-80's music tv shows from UK, Spain, Germany, etc...

1981.04.26 Countdown [rage goes retro 2015.01.03]
Ultravox - Interview & Vienna (promo)

1982.02.13 ........ which program is this one?

1982.02.14 Countdown
Interview with Ultravox at Ormond College, Melbourne University

1982.07.31 Sounds
Midge Ure & Warren Cann interview

1983.07.26 Rock Arena [AU] [2007.01.20 rage Goes Retro]
Ultravox (promo videos)

1985.12.01 Countdown [AU] [rage Goes Retro 2011]
Midge Ure