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1985 Countdown request

Does anyone have the episode of Countdown from 1 September 1985, as aired on Rage Retro month on Saturday 22 January 2011?

I'm looking for the video for 'Rainy Day' by Geisha in particular (the version aired on this episode, not the timecoded version or the more easily found 1986 remake). If anyone has just the clip taken from this episode, that is of interest, though I'd be happy to have the whole episode too.

Any help would be much appreciated, and I'm happy to trade something in return.

Re: 1985 Countdown request

Hi Brad, i can do this for you. Still wanting a copy?

Re: 1985 Countdown request

Hi Michael.
Someone else has already helped me out with this, but I appreciate your kind offer, thanks.

Re: 1985 Countdown request

Already done it. Anyone else want it?