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Two copyright strikes, I'm almost done

Subject says it all - two video takedown notices in two days, my YouTube days are seemingly numbered. There's another video on my channel that is probably ripe for the third strike, it became super-popular about a month ago. The two that were taken down were videos that raised their head above the parapet once they took off.

Still, I've lasted 8 years, over 250 videos, which is not bad considering others with similar forays to mine have been through 2 or 3 channels.

I'm kinda fatalistic about it, if it happens it happens and I won't be returning. My YouTube days will be done. I basically achieved what I set out to achieve so there'll be no regrets.

Re: Two copyright strikes, I'm almost done

Maybe you should do multiple channels, like I do. It's also worth checking where your strikes come from - there are some dodgy people who manually file notices for videos they don't actually own the rights to. I had a Japanese company I'd never heard of try to take down a Gary Clail (UK artist) video, but they had misidentified the track, and I appealed it.

As far as I'm aware, strikes expire after 3 months now anyway; it's only if you get a 3rd non-expired strike that you lose your channel.