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Documentary - "The Eighties" Tonight on SBS

I had a look at the SBS tv guide to confirm the starting time for the Eurovision final and noticed this domementary that may be of interest to some people on here.

Documentary - "The Eighties"
12:15am 14-05-17 SBS

Michael Jackson released the greatest selling album of all time, Madonna created a persona just as important as her music, and Public Enemy exhorted their fans to 'Fight the Power'.

And there was a new visual component to it all courtesy of MTV.

The digital revolution hit the music world as CDs replaced LPs.

Whitney Houston, Guns N' Roses, U2, David Bowie and Run-DMC were some of the other major artists of the decade.

Re: Documentary - "The Eighties" Tonight on SBS

Its important to note that I looked at the WA guide.
For NSW and Vic, it starts at 10:00pm tonight.