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Hey Guru Bob

Hey Guru,
I just picked a disco album. Was the Track Come With Me by France Joli a top 40 hit here. Love the track.


Re: Hey Guru Bob

Come To Me didn't make the Top 100 and probably wasn't even released as a single here. I hadn't heard of it. It appears to have been released in UK & Europe, America, Canada and Japan.

France was a Canadian singer and was only 16 in 1979 when that song was released which did well in the US Dance charts.

There is a clip of it on YouTube

Re: Hey Guru Bob

'Come To Me' made #15 on the US Billboard top 100.

As Guru Bob said, it didn't chart in Australia, but apparently was released in January 1980, as I recently discovered when compiling a list of non-charting singles I like.