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I'm Talking compilation

Hi Countdown memories
I'm Talking are compiling a re-issue with additional unreleased tracks and live performances for release this year on the 30th anniversary of their demise....check out our new Facebook page for previews and info on the projects progress.
Cheers Robert

Re: I'm Talking compilation

Thanks Robert!

I can't wait for this release and it's been so brilliant being in contact with you!

Re: I'm Talking compilation

Time for Kate to be inducted into the Aria Hall Of Fame!

Re: I'm Talking compilation

And more so time for Bear Witness to be re-issued.

It's the most classy, brilliant, dance, funk GENIUS album to ever come out of Australia!

Re: I'm Talking compilation

I just read Bear Witness is being re released with bonus remixes very soon

Re: I'm Talking compilation

Thanks everybody..We finally made it... Over the moon to announce Bloodlines are reissuing I'm Talking's only studio album 'Bear Witness' on Fri 23 March in 3 distinct versions, all fully remastered. Pre-orders and track list for all available here -> smarturl.it/BearWitness
💋 Original 10 track album - 12" vinyl LP and digital versions
💋 21 track deluxe double CD package (with B-sides, rarities and booklet feat. exclusive artwork & track-by-track)
💋 36 track digital version (extra cuts for the serious collector)

Re: I'm Talking compilation

No version with the videos on DVD? Did someone forget to do this?

Re: I'm Talking compilation

No we didn't forget... all the masters of the videos have disappeared so impossible to provide in the kind of fidelity buyers would expect...we have been extremely lucky we even managed to track 95% of the audio masters after a history of ownership by multiple companies...But we are re-dubbing the video versions we have managed to come up with the refreshed and remastered audio...and even tweaking the images where possible. These will all appear on the bands own new Youtube page...that's the best we can do after so long and not having control of the music...it has been a lot of work...
cheers Robert

Re: I'm Talking compilation

Thanks Robert, although the ABC has copies of all the clips in their archive (rage played all but one of them in May 2016) and the quality of those would almost be as good as the masters. I'm sure the fans would not have complained!

Re: I'm Talking compilation

At Clip Magnet,

I would have loved a DVD with the re-issue as well but as you mentioned ... At least in 2016 when Kate Ceberano programmed rage, rage played:

Someday, Trust Me, Love Don't Live Here Anymore, Do You Wanna Be, Holy Word and How Can it be ... The only one they didn't play was Lead The Way.

rage's copies are the closest to the Masters and I am very happy with the DVD Quality I recorded them in so thank goodness we have rage copies. Also, after pestering rage for years I finally got my I'm Talking live at Billboard for Rock Arena in DVD Quality from rage from their Rock Arena masters ...

Thanks again Robert for all your hard work and for sending me a copy. I have ordered the Vinyl, the CD and the I Tunes (Collector's Edition)