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My email to ABC Complaints section

Hi there,

rage advertised that they would be playing an episode of Countdown on Saturday night - 28th January, 2017 that would being at 3 am on Sunday 29th January, 2017 from original air date: 11/04/1982 Hosted by Ross and Jo from Starstruck which actually was not played.

They instead played an episode of Countdown from 17/04/1982 Hosted by Duran Duran & Molly. Many were looking forward to seeing the episode of Countdown that was advertised being 11/04/1982 Show 323, instead they played Show 323(1 Hosted by Duran Duran & Molly.). Many would like to see the actual episode that was advertised, could ABC get rage to play the right episode advertised on rage on ABC1 or on ABC ME on a Thursday night in the next month, as waiting another 11 months till rage play Countdown in January is too long to wait for their mistake. Countdown only went for 55 minutes so I see no problem in finding the adequate space to play what was advertised and not delivered! Below is the Playlist from Saturday night advertising the episode they did not play but that was supposed to be played!

Retro Month

Saturday night 28 January 2017 on ABC


COUNTDOWN March 27th, 1983 (364: Molly with Dire Straits) ()
COUNTDOWN March 9th, 1980 (230: Ellen Foley) ()


COUNTDOWN July 25th, 1982 (338: John Paul Young) ()
COUNTDOWN April 11th, 1982 (323: Ross and Jo from Starstruck) ()
COUNTDOWN August 28th, 1983 (385: Joan Armatrading) ()

Kind Regards,