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Att Jason - Re updating the Rage Re-runs section

I notice the Rage Re-runs section has not been updated since 2012 and 5 Retro seasons have now come and (just about) gone. It's a handy reference guide and is quicker and easier to use than going through old Rage playlists. Just wondering if there were still plans to keep it up to date.

Re: Att Jason - Re updating the Rage Re-runs section


I will contact Geoff Rosenberg from early Eurogliders line up who updates my website for me and will update the rage re-runs sections in the next few months. I know they need to be updated desperately.

Shouldn't be too much work with only 5 retro seasons since

Re: Att Jason - Re updating the Rage Re-runs section

Excellent. It's a great reference site so good to keep it up to date.

Don't forget the one Sat morning ep and the 6 1970's episodes shown in September.


Re: Att Jason - Re updating the Rage Re-runs section

Absolutely, I wouldn't forget to list the 1982 episode shown last Saturday morning as I'd been requesting it for agesssss and also indeed listing the 1970s episodes shown in September

It is a great reference site so I will most certainly need to update the rage re-runs section on my website

Re: Att Jason - Re updating the Rage Re-runs section

If you ever got around to it, it would be great to have the covers of all the Countdown magazines done as well, including the Countdown Club ones. At present there are only 17. I would be happy to do images of mine if you were missing any, the only issue I am missing is Countdown Club No.1 July 1982 up until Oct 88 (I sort of stopped collecting after the show finished but think it ran until about 1991) so that is at least 75 editions.

Re: Att Jason - Re updating the Rage Re-runs section

All the Countdown Club mags are already uploaded under CLUB MAGS, starting with Club No.1 July 1982. I have all the series of the COUNTDOWN CLUB MAGAZINES and they are separate to the Countdown magazines section on the website.... Have you missed this section? ... Here is the link below or go to CLUB MAGS on the MENU section of countdownmemories.com


As far as the Countdown magazines, yes... Only 17 atm. I have way more issues but again will get more uploaded in due time