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Countdown blurb with details on rage Facebook page now and pasted here!

From rage! ... Calling all retro nuts! Our first installment of RETRO MONTH kicks off this Saturday. We've got full episode of Countdown hosted by Lene Lovich, The Venetians, Russell Hitchcock from Air Supply Music and more. Alongside performances from Juice Newton, Jimmy and the Boys, Darryl Cotton and more. It's going to be massive.

To Patrick Moore, I thank you SOOOO much for requesting this episode hosted by Lene Lovich, Lene is one of my very favourite female artists and the episode isn't even listed in my Countdown Archives and no details as you know of the show are even mentioned so this episode is goign to be a complete surprise <3 ... I can't wait !!!!!!! Plus an episode hosted by The Venetians, AHHHHHHHH!!!!! And Russell Hitchcock Hosted episode will mean a 1981 or 1982 episode, YES!!!!!!!

Re: Countdown blurb with details on rage Facebook page now and pasted here!

The Russell Hitchcock episode is quite obviously 8th November 1981 given mention of Jimmy & the Boys in the studio.

The main interest is the 1983 Lene Lovich hosted episode, given it was lacking on older Countdown documentation (presumed missing)

Good to be back after 11 months of hibernation. At last Rage comes to life again!!