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Issues with website

Hi Guys,

Is anybody having any issues logging into Countdown memories from the front page? I can't see any of the Countdown Archives etc, all I get is "This Page Can't Be Displayed"? I haven't been able to login for ages.

But Nathan was kind enough to give me a link so i can see the forum, but this is the only part of the site that I can see.

Oh well, I will keep trying

CU Guys

Re: Issues with website

Hi Lee,

I just had a look and it says it seems to be having issues. This is very interesting as all my hosting etc is all paid.

I will check again later, arghhhh .... Technology!!!!!!

When you say 'I haven't been able to log in for ages' ... How long does 'ages' mean?

Re: Issues with website

I have just emailed aphex host, I hope there is not drama as I have put so much work into my website :-(

In the meantime I have found a screen shot of my website in which you can view:


Re: Issues with website

There seems to be a problem with smartysite, I have contacted them. I hope it gets sorted soon!

Re: Issues with website


The hosting of my website is done by Smartyhost and apparently they have now migrated to NetRegistry.

This means I have to contact bottledomains inc and give them name servers which Netregistry have given me.

Sounds complicated indeed, I am on the phone to bottledomains now and they will enter the new name servers which Netregistry gave me a few minutes ago which will make countdownmemories.com visible again.

I hadn't visited my website in about a3 weeks so thanks for letting me know as no one emailed me from the hosting about it which is really crap seeing I pay a fortune every year to keep the website on the web!

Re: Issues with website

Wow Jason!!

Sorry Jason, since I can't login in properly, I have only visited through the backdoor link every few days. I have only just seen your posts.

I first noticed it about 3 weeks ago, there was no problems at all accessing the site and then all of a sudden it had completely disappeared.

You are certainly going to a lot of trouble to try and fix it. I can't believe the hosts didn't tell you. Wouldn't you think clients come first? Obviously not these guys.

Well good luck Jason.

Re: Issues with website

Yay Jason!!

Great work on fixing the login issue. I have my full website access back now. Extremely pleased!!!

Re: Issues with website


Website back in order after much chasing and emails!