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A New Mi-Sex Track

I would like to let you know Mi-Sex has a new single My Sex Your Sex. a new cd is due for release later this year.

Adam W

Re: A New Mi-Sex Track

Well did myself a favour and I have to say it is 'different' to say the least. A fair bit raw-er and owes more to punk than their later electronic influences, all in all a return to their roots and a nice on the ears track. I will look forward to seeing it in my local record shops (hopefully).

Re: A New Mi-Sex Track

I wonder if Bette Midler are going to check out this new Mi-Sex track on iTunes or YouTube since she and Molly talked about the band on Countdown.

Re: A New Mi-Sex Track

I doubt it, Bette has moved on. That was 36 years ago.

Re: A New Mi-Sex Track

Kevin Stanton of Mi-Sex has died aged 61.

It would be nice to get a full Mi-Sex tribute done.