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Countdown Episode Trading

Wondering if anyone out there might like to trade some episodes of Countdown on DVD? I've followed these forums for some years, though only posted once before (a few years ago) and am sure the regular posters like Jason and Guru would have everything I have managed to record (which are all from the Rage repeats). But I certainly haven't managed to record them all back to '93 and would love to get hold of some of those I missed (or those where I missed the start or end).
Mine are all now in DVD format. Some were transferred from VHS that I recorded in the 90s, some were recorded direct to DVD from a Foxtel IQ recording and the most recent are via DTV. So, quality varies a little.
Below is the list of episodes I have. Would love to hear from anyone who would can help me to fill in the gaps, especially after I read in another post that 260 different episodes have aired as part of the Rage repeats since 1993 and I only have about 70. Proposing to trade via mail... unless you are in Perth...

1976-12-05 Countdown (55min 06sec)
1976-12-12 Countdown (56min 41sec)
1977-11-13 Countdown (55min 05sec) - missing start
1979-07-08 Countdown (49min 34sec) - missing start
1979-08-12 Countdown (52min 15sec)
1979-08-19 Countdown (42min 10sec) - missing start
1979-08-26 Countdown (54min 25sec)
1980-03-02 Countdown (54min 48sec)
1980-03-30 Countdown (54min 00sec)
1980-04-12 Countdown (14min 26sec) - missing end
1980-04-20 Countdown (54min 06sec)
1980-08-10 Countdown (54min 23sec)
1980-10-12 Countdown (51min 56sec) - missing start
1981-04-26 Countdown (55min 03sec)
1981-05-17 Countdown (54min 15sec)
1981-07-12 Countdown (47min 43sec)
1981-07-26 Countdown (55min 33sec)
1981-08-16 Countdown (51min 54sec)
1981-08-16 Countdown (55min 12sec)
1981-10-11 Countdown (43min 00sec) - missing start
1981-11-15 Countdown (54min 50sec)
1981-11-22 Countdown (55min 25sec)
1981-12-20 Countdown (55min 22sec)
1981-12-20 Countdown (55min 23sec)
1982-01-24 Countdown (52min 29sec)
1982-03-21 Countdown (55min 35sec)
1982-04-25 Countdown (53min 58sec)
1982-05-02 Countdown (54min 25sec)
1982-05-16 Countdown (54min 27sec)
1982-06-20 Countdown (54min 27sec) - cut from two source tapes
1982-07-18 Countdown (54min 34sec)
1982-08-01 Countdown (54min 30sec)
1982-08-08 Countdown (54min 49sec)
1982-10-17 Countdown (53min 14sec)
1982-11-21 Countdown (52min 02sec)
1983-05-08 Countdown (53min 59sec)
1983-06-19 Countdown (55min 31sec)
1983-07-03 Countdown (55min 00sec)
1983-07-17 Countdown (54min 58sec)
1983-08-07 Countdown (53min 09sec)
1983-11-13 Countdown (55min 08sec)
1983-11-20 Countdown (52min 18sec)
1983-12-11 Countdown (54min 20sec)
1984 Countdown Documentary - Class of 84 presents Jobs in TV (12min 47sec)
1984-03-11 Countdown (54min 37sec)
1984-04-08 Countdown (56min 30sec)
1984-04-29 Countdown (54min 00sec)
1984-05-27 Countdown (53min 30sec)
1984-07-01 Countdown (54min 32sec)
1984-08-05 Countdown (55min 39sec)
1984-08-26 Countdown (54min 31sec)
1984-09-09 Countdown (54min 19sec)
1984-11-04 Countdown (53min 37sec)
1984-11-11 Countdown (54min 07sec)
1984-12-09 Countdown (54min 12sec)
1985-03-10 Countdown (57min 13sec)
1985-03-17 Countdown (57min 13sec)
1985-03-24 Countdown (59min 00sec)
1985-04-14 Countdown (58min 51sec)
1985-04-21 Countdown (59min 02sec)
1985-07-14 Countdown (56min 53sec)
1985-08-25 Countdown (58min 55sec)
1985-09-01 Countdown (59min 29sec)
1985-09-14 Countdown (23min 15sec) - missing end
1985-12-10 Countdown (57min 35sec)
1986-03-08 Countdown (56min 51sec)
1986-10-12 Countdown (58min 33sec) - from two source tapes - break during first song
1986-11-02 Countdown (56min 14sec)
1986-11-16 Countdown (58min 55sec)
1987-03-15 Countdown (59min 55sec)
1987-04-12 Countdown (58min 35sec)
1987-04-xx Countdown Ad (0min 49sec)
1987-05-31 Countdown (58min 51sec)
1987-06-14 Countdown (58min 49sec)
1989-07-07 Countdown Revolution (28min 31sec)
1989-07-12 Countdown Revolution (27min 59sec)

Re: Countdown Episode Trading

Hey Sean,
I just randomly discovered this forum while browsing old ARIA Top 50 charts. I had no idea this little community existed but I'm very happy to stumble across it.
My discovery of Countdown episodes on Rage is only recent unfortunately, but it looks like I might have some that you don't.
These are all recorded digitally over the last 3 summers and converted to .MP4
More than happy to share. I'm in Perth btw.

Re: Countdown Episode Trading

Hello, I sent you private message about your offer but you not answer me. Are you still interesting of trade? I am asking because I have many full Countdown episodes

Re: Countdown Episode Trading

this is my unfinished working folder:

Countdown_10/12/1978.Radio DJ's.DVD.??mins.
Countdown_08/04/1979.Bob Welch.DVD.55mins.
Countdown_2?/07/1979.Daryl Cotton.DVD.53mins.
Sunday Spectrum_The Making of Countdown_July.1979.DVD.30mins.
Countdown_07/10/1979.Shirl the Curl.DVD.54mins.
Countdown_09/03/1980.Ellen Foley.DVD.54mins.
Countdown_11/05/1980.Bob Geldof.DVD.54mins.
Countdown_23/11/1980.Ross Wilson.DVD.58mins.
Countdown_22/02/1981.Little Nell.DVD.55mins.
Countdown_03/05/1981.Greedy Smith.DVD.55mins.
Countdown_07/06/1981.Brodrick Smith.DVD.55mins.
Countdown_14/06/1981.Marc Hunter.DVD.54mins.
Countdown_25/10/1981.Sharon O'Neil.DVD.54mins.
Countdown_06/12/1981.Greedy Smith.DVD.57mins.
Countdown_11/04/1982.Duran Duran.DVD.54mins.
Countdown_11/07/1982.David Reyne.DVD.52mins.
Countdown_29/08/1982.Annalise Morrow.DVD.57mins.
Countdown_27/03/1983.Dire Straits.DVD.55mins.
Countdown_28/08/1983.Joan Armatrading.DVD.53mins.
Countdown_02/10/1983.Marc Hunter.DVD.??mins.
Countdown_30/10/1983.Men at Work.DVD.58mins.
Countdown_09/06/1985.Paul Young.DVD.59mins.
Countdown_11/08/1985.Howard Jones.DVD.59mins.
Countdown_06/10/1985.Rocky Roundup.DVD.59mins.
Countdown_13/04/1986.The Johnnys.DVD.??mins.
Countdown_10/05/1987.Jason Donovan.DVD.59mins.
Countdown_05/07/1987.Jenny Morris.DVD.59mins.


"Rock Arena" on DVD.

Rock Arena_11/09/1984.DVD.57mins.
Rock Arena_04/12/1984.DVD.64mins.
Rock Arena_13/09/1986.DVD.55mins.
Rock Arena_27/12/1986.Rock Around the Kremlin.DVD.64mins.
Rock Arena_01/08/1987.DVD.??mins.