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RIP David Bowie

Very sad news but David Bowie has died aged 69 of cancer

Re: RIP David Bowie

You were very quick of the mark with that one Alan. A great loss indeed.

Re: RIP David Bowie

Just read this very upsetting and dare I say disrespectful article on David Bowie: http://www.theestablishment.co/2016/01/11/david-bowie-rape-accusations-sexual-assault/

Unfortunately this 'feminist' hasn't checked her facts:

"The year was to get even worse for Bowie when a 30-year-old Dallas woman, Wanda Nichols, an acquiantance of the tour drummer Alan Childs, accused Bowie of raping her at a Dallas hotel on 9 October and was photographed covered in bite marks. New of the alledged rape made the front covers of the British tabloids in a awawe of damaging publicity. Six weeks later a grand jury in Dallas threw out her allegations after hearing just two hours of evidence. Bowie admitted having sex with her and agreed to take an AIDS tast after Nichols reported that he had told her that he was infected."

-- David Buckley, Strange Fascination, page 444 of the 2001 edition.

I remember when this scandal broke. I find it disgusting barely a day after his death that someone should dig up a discredited charge. The complainant took two years to make her accusation, the case was thrown out in two hours and there was no financial settlement. So to claim that 'Bowie reminds us, abusers do not look or act a certain way' is totally unfounded. If he was guilty of anything it was of being sexually promiscuous, which is not a crime.

There's no way to make any comment on the article's host which is in itself not really surprising. What a downer.